Gwnewch y pethau bychain

Happy Christmas everyone!

Yes that’s right, today is Christmas. So even if you don’t celebrate it, have a merry one, ok?

Speaking of Christmas, one of the lovely things about the season is the music. No, really. And yesterday, I came across this lovely dissection of various Christmas music and carols by Tris McCall. Wonderful, biting commentary, some surprisingly deep thoughts on religion and spirituality (of which more in my next post), and a good time for everyone. oreouk especially needs to see this one!

If you ever wondered how some of those Christmas classics were written, check out this cool webpage


Ah, Christmas


Quote of the day


  1. Well put; it’s my general philosophy that when, say, a customer tells me to have a merry Christmas, I just think as follows: It’s Christmas anyway, I might as well have a merry one!

  2. Merry Christmas to you and Kit, too! *smooch*

  3. Happy Christmas!

  4. A very merry and a happy thingy!


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