Gwnewch y pethau bychain

Fun with Captions

“Santa Claus emerges from three-week bender, vows he’ll be ready for annual toy run”


Return of the Improbable Gifts Catalogue


For Kitanzi, just because…


  1. i see he’s sporting the straight haired version of the hairstyle a coworker has…..bleh.

  2. I just noticed at CNN that his birthday’s the day before mine. I don’t expect it means anything, but it did make me take notice.

  3. …and there I was, just muttering to that I’d heard just about enough of that particular news story.


  4. … “Little did we know that Saddam had been hiding away secretly studying for his debut as Tevya in Fiddler on the Roof!”

  5. I still like my comment that he should have just said “I’m sick and tired or crapping in a bucket.”

    But for this, I’ll just add the caption “Allen Ginsberg not dead after all: ‘America, I’ve given you all, and now I’m nothing,’ states dirt-encrusted poet.”

  6. “Nick Nolte (above) was arrested after a high speed chase through Malibu yesterday.”

  7. Wow. I laughed out loud. Not as long as I laughed earlier when Karl came in singing, “Secret Black Octiginarian Love Child”, but long enough that my Sweetie came to read over my shoulder.

  8. Bearded in his den!

  9. Iraqi Version of “Cast Away” Resumes Filming -- Tarik Aziz to Play Wilson

    (What’s interesting is that this is one of most haunting photographs I’ve ever seen. This man was the terror of millions, an absolute dictator, wealthy beyond avarice, and look at what befell him. Look at the expression on his face, at the state of decay visible in this one shot. I don’t think the Army cameraman who took this is eligible for a Pulitzer Prize, but he should be.)

  10. One of the contributors to a newsgroup I frequent saw the picture and posted “I think they just captured Gandalf.”…

    Elsewhere, someone opined that that couldn’t be the “real” Saddam because the beard was too long to have grown that fast. He was promptly shot down by another poster who had, upon leaving the army, sworn never to shave again but gave up when his beard got completely out of hand -- just about that quickly…

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