Gwnewch y pethau bychain

Oh my…

Linked via gridlore, perhaps the funniest story I’ve read in…..ages.

The Biker, the quiet street, and the evil attack squirrel of death…


A letter from my Congressman



  1. I about died from lack of oxygen several times while I was reading this. Thank you -- I definitely needed it! *hug*

  2. Oh thank you for posting this link! I have still have tears in my eyes from laughing :).

  3. I had tears literally rolling down my face I was laughing so hard reading this. I was attempting to read it aloud to , she thought I was going to stop breathing I was laughing so hard.

    Thank you so much for posting this link.

  4. Oh. My. God.

    I’m at my sweetie’s mother’s house, my friend is asleep in the room across the hall, and I had to try to keep from laughing out loud. It didn’t work, but I managed to keep it fairly quiet. There are tears rolling down my face.

    I may have to get that book.

  5. Ack. Manny and I both hurt ourselves laughing at this. Is that a nice thing to do to a pregnant lady? 🙂

  6. You owe me a keyboard! That was /not/ work-safe! I’m going to have to get the book…

  7. Kzinti Squirrel!

  8. Well, I can’t say that I’ve encountered an evil attack squirrel of death while on my own motorcycle escapades…and I’m quite grateful for it!

    That article was just too damn funny, the GI and I were both in hysterics while reading it.

  9. Anonymous

    evil attack squirrel of death

    Margaret Middleton here.

    Rob, that is right up there with the best of Dan Gallery’s Navy yarns about the misadventures of Fatso Gionini & Co.!
    I gotta go take a pee break before I leak!

  10. Just Saying Hi

    I found you via your interest in Firefly. I, too, love the show for a variety of reasons…I also love meeting new Browncoats. So…hello!


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