Gwnewch y pethau bychain


Glitter breasts, Glitter breasts
Does whatever she wants with zest
See her boobs catch the light
Sparkly tits, what a sight!
Oh wow! Check out the glitter breasts

To the tune of: (Theme From) Spider-man

Inspired by cadhla.


Monday Digest


Every now and then, ya gotta do a quiz!


  1. But you didn’t work “money maker” into it.

    • Is she cute? listen guy
      She can make rain from the sky
      Catch you down in the pool
      Ride you like a pony, cool!
      Woo-hoo, check out those glitter breasts!

      In the heat of the night
      On the dancefloor below
      Watch her catch the spotlight
      She will shimmer and glow

      Glitter breasts, Glitter breasts
      Never doubt that she is the best
      Shakes her ass, perfect size
      Money-maker wins the prize

      Oh yeah, whenever there’s a contest
      She never causes unrest
      Cheer for her glitter breasts!

      Happy now? 🙂

      • Oh.

        Well, it ain’t Iron Poet, but definitely make sure Seanan sees this! *G*

        • Anonymous

          And what bawdy parts, pray tell, did you recently get painted, hmmm? [eg]

          Ann Onynous.

      • Catch you down in the pool
        Ride you like a pony, cool!

        Shakes her ass, perfect size
        Money-maker wins the prize

        LMAO! That’s so perfect! -H…

      • Yep. We are now both officially, completely and utterly dead if she catches us.

      • Now we’ve both written songs she has to kill us for!

        *pins the membership badge proudly to Doc’s shirt*

  2. Was that cough syrup or was that Jaegermeister (which tastes suspiciously like Vick’s Formula 44)? 🙂

  3. *hides*

    *a lot*

  4. I love you.

    You die now.


  5. Well, she pointed me here herself…


  6. You are pure evil, sir. I salute you.

    Now, get moving because cadhla is coming to get you and she knows where you live! 🙂

  7. Y’know, I wish I’d seen what prompted this 🙂

  8. Yep. What Dave said…

    • If you ever make it out to the Bay Area, I’ll haul you and company to a concert where we can coat ourselves in glitter and shake it like a bag of ferrets. Fair?

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