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Tuesday digest

What a cool project. How many album covers can you identify? Here are 60 album covers, stripped of all indentifying text. One of the things I miss about vinyl records is the covers — yeah, some CDs still have interesting art, but it’s so SMALL!

Finally, a political movement I can get behind! (Thanks to lysana for the pointer!)

rmjwell shows us the most compelling evidence yet that Schwarzenegger is just a puppet governer:

filkerdave points me at this lovely tool for translating a phrase into and out of foreign languages until it loses all sense or meaning.

A very amusing eBay auction. Be sure to read all the text:


from rec.humor.funny


Somewhere in the celestial bleachers, Steve is smiling…


  1. Thanks. I’d almost fall out of my chair aobut that auction!!!
    Yeah, please get a life.
    (I collect seashells, at the beach, I never care about tags)

  2. beenies

    That’s real life entertainment. I briefly considered writing him a mail, asking if he could, please, take a picture of… no. Hihi.

  3. The album cover contest is fantastic!!

  4. I’m really scared at how FEW of those albums I recognize.

    • Yeah, me too … just asked myself whether I’m too young or too old -- I own exactly two of those *g*

      • *nods*
        must have had different artwork over here
        (blindly convinces self of that)
        though I know which age group I fall into.

        Does knowing people that played on some of the albums personally help to get extra points?

  5. You know, I was wondering the other day if people were still fanatically collecting those beanie babies. Now I know. $860???? Geez. I should clean out my closet.

  6. *love* that babelfish thing
    we once made a lyrics quiz using bablefish, but only three languages. Was enough to render the songtexts completely absurd

    • I meant to say……

      * love * this babelfish of the thing, that one we passed t, that est d forms a lĂ­rica of the game, bablefish of the E.E.U.U., only language only three. They were sufficient to give the absurd form totally that to songtexts

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