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themouseshouse points to a job opening for a network administrator posted by spammers in Costa Rica.

We went to the monthly Alpharetta Library sale, which (in order to celebrate the 14th anniversary of the library sale, presumably) had an Elvis impersonator singing on the front lawn.

Why is it that you never see anyone impersonating the young Elvis. Why is it always the old fat Elvis?

Want to see how the other half lives. Try out the Online Orgasmic Simulator

Couple of interesting spams this week.

The first was advertising “Christian Debt Management”, promising debt relief with a “Christian perspective”. I had a picture of an earnest young man in a shirt and tie sitting behind a cluttered desk, imploring a worried couple to “Render unto Visa that which is Visa’s….”

The other one that caught my eye boldly promised to help me achieve “The best sex I probably ever had.” Now, I’m not a marketing genius, but….probably. Way to hedge your bets there, guys.

Most interesting news story of the week came courtesy of NPR’s All Things Considered on October 1, when they interviewed Andre Tolme, a man who is golfing across Mongolia. (Requires RealAudio to hear the actual story.) I also found Andre Tolme’s webpage.




The ABC Meme (Reprise)


  1. I posted the Christian debt management thing a while ago…I’m thinking it should have been more of a ‘cast the moneylenders out of the temple’ sort of thang. 😉

  2. LOL!

    That simulator is a riot 😉

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