Gwnewch y pethau bychain

A Poem For Spring

driving into work today,
the brilliant blues and greens of
spring in the south
made me think about poetry
and how lucky we are
that so few words
can touch us so deeply
how lucky we are
that so much can be said
in a few short lines of
imagery and allusion
but most importantly
how lucky we are
when the sands of time have shifted
that the poetry we wrote as teenagers
in a spiral bound notebook when we should have been studying
quadratic equations
has long since gone missing
and is unlikely to be found again


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I’m having trouble believing this is a real news story


  1. Ummm….next to my quadratic equations were skizzes of dresses….I still have them.
    But poetry. WOW.
    I want to see your poetic landscape one day.

  2. *g* Too true!

  3. Ooooooh! I wrote some baaaaaad poetry when I was a teenager. And the whiniest personal journal ever seen.

    • *laugh* oh goodness, so did I. I remember coming across it many years later, re-reading some of it thinking “dear lord, did I *really* think this was any good?” and shuddering.

      there were one or two peices in there that i really did like, but on the whole, i’m just as glad they won’t ever be seen again. 🙂


    • I’m just going through now and handwriting pretty much every completed bit of poetry (if it rhymes and scans, or is meant to be poetry, it counts -- songs too) into a bound blank book for archival purposes. And shuddering a LOT at the highschool stuff … Multilevel indents! The pretension! The horror!

  4. *grins*

    I think if I found any of those old notebooks, I’d have to lose them again, ASAP

  5. *chuckle* Sturm und Drang, that was me. And I wrote as if I was the first person ever to write. But I got a round of applause in class when I said about one of Byron’s love poems that that’s the kind of poetry I wish somebody would write about me.

  6. Anonymous

    Until recently, I still had a crayon drawing of the Irish Setter I had as a child.
    (When I Was A Boy? Sorry, Terence). This was back in the late ’50s. His name
    was Shaun, and I had written some silly alliterative stuff on it, all adjectives
    beginning with the letter s. Uh, hang on a second. [afk]

    Oh migarsh. I still have it. Well, the right half of it. 🙁 And there on the back, with
    circles and arrows and… Uh, no, not quite. But some of what I wrote follows --

    …sleek, slender, sleepy, … , silly, sassy, strong Shaun by the shining sands on
    the seashore.

    Sheesh! Anybody got a light? 🙂

    Ann Onynous

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