Still haven’t heard from lots of you. Feel free to drop a question here!

browngirl: I’ve always been slightly tall for my age, but sometime in my teen years it just all got out of hand. *shrug*

nrivkis: I moved to Georgia way back when I got involved with my now-ex. I admit that I’m very fond of Alpharetta, and I was very fond of Athens, for all that it’d be hard for me to find a good job there. I think if I could live anywhere I wanted, without having to worry about the logistics (IE, could get a stable job that paid enough to cover living expenses, etc), I’d like to live in the UK.

My biggest problem is that no matter where I live, too many of my friends will live much too far away.

delennara: I honestly don’t remember. A book, though, that had a tremendous impression on me, and I still have a copy in my home library (my first copy was a gift from my grandmother): “The Arbuthnot Anthology of Children’s Literature”, which includes an extensive section of folk tales from around the world, broken up by nationality.

Keep those questions coming, guys! 🙂