Gwnewch y pethau bychain

Answers (so far)

Answers to the “Ask me anything” poll. To ask me a question, go to this entry. If you don’t have and LJ account and want to leave me a question, put it in the comments section of either
this or that entry.

I’ll have more answers as soon as y’all ask me some more questions!

sibylle: In my lifetime, or ever? In my lifetime is a pretty tough one to figure out, though I’d probably give the nod to Clinton. If I can choose from all of history, I’d probably pick Jefferson.

sdelmonte: I get asked that a lot, and should probably put this story on my webpage. I was at a Flash Girls concert several years ago, and during a re-tuning break, Lorraine Garland mentioned that they were going to pass a hat around after the show, because if they couldn’t raise enough money to pay for their trip home, they’d have to sell their cats. Everyone went “Awwwww.” Emma Bull looked up from her retuning and said “Oh, stop. It’s not like anyone would WANT them.” I replied “Well, maybe if you autographed them.” Much laughter. Later, while exchanging e-mail with Lorraine, I mentioned this conversation and she said “Oh, I remember you! You’re the autographed cat guy”. Seemed as good a nickname as any, and it’s always available when I need a screen name. 🙂

tigerbright: Question #1: I would if I could afford to. Question #2: I think a pterodactyl, because them I could fly!

aiela: Not really. I’ve touched him too, and I can get into my own pants anytime I want. *wink*

themouseshouse: You get to see all the answers. From which you can probably guess the questions. Mostly, I think this is set up this way by most people because you don’t want folks to ask questions based on what other people have asked, as much as coming up with their own curiosity.

magid: We will be up there from July 18 – July 27. I’d *love* to spend some time with you while we’re up there!

quadrivium: If I’m prepared and concentrate really hard, I’m not really anywhere. But, my tummy and my feet can be, and my sides, while not ticklish per se, are sensitive in another, rather good, way. *G*

kitanzi: Still healthy, still active, and still with you, causing sugar shock in all our friends.

sdorn: Any hour that ends in “o’clock” *rimshot* Seriously, I always liked Mike Cross’s song: ‘It sure would ease my mind / To know the folks I leave behind / Will have a brand new sun to carry on from / So Lord let me die in the morning / So I’ll know there’s a new day yet to come.’

surrdave: Half of one, six dozen of the other.

trystel: My homepage is at Kit’s is under construction, but will eventually be at


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