Gwnewch y pethau bychain

I don’t do quizzes often, but…

I amHastur!

The Unspeakable One is the master of those who seek to unveil the mysteries of death. It is through meditation upon the Yellow Sign that the devotee of Hastur seeks transcendence to the city-realm of dim Carcosa. Through a complex series of visualizations that expand the aspirants void-consciousness, the final age will arise. Ruled by the ominous King in Yellow, a new stage of reality will come to fruition. Of the Olde Ones, Hastur is considered to be one of the most difficult to work with, his teachings being reserved exclusively for the Cthonian Adepts and Lords.

Which Great Old One are you?


For the record…


This just in…


  1. Anonymous

    Crossing The Streams

    Uh, Lord Dyan Ardais?

    Ann Onynous.

    • Re: Crossing The Streams

      My ex was a huge Darkover fan and tried to get me to read them repeatedly. I think I’ve ready the first 1/4 to 1/2 of most of them, but never really got into them. *shrug*

      MZB was one king hell of an editor, but I never was grabbed much by her storytelling. The world was interesting though — maybe I should try the short story collections written by other authors?


      PS. Did you get my email from the other day?

      • Anonymous

        Re: Crossing The Streams

        “The short story collections written by other authors?”

        Meaning the Friends Of Darkover books? Maybe. I’ve read a few of the earlier ones.
        They tended to focus more on the Renunciates. I was more interested in the Comyn.

        “Did you get my email from the other day?”

        The Re: Hiya e-mail? Yep. Better Nate than lever? Patients are, doctor. 🙂

        Ann Onynous.

        • Re: Crossing The Streams

          I suppose I could give them another try. Part of my problem, aside from Bradley’s workmanlike prose style, was the zeal with which they were pushed on me, and thus their inability to live up to the hype. *shrug*

          No rush on the e-mail. Just making sure my new spam filters hadn’t trapped a reply and gotten accidently flushed amidst all manner of Make Penis Fast posts.


          • Anonymous

            Re: Crossing The Streams

            “Make Penis Fast”.

            It’s overweight and needs to go on a diet? What’s kitanzi got to say about this? [eg]

            Ann O.

  2. OK, I’ll try it…. And The Great Old One I turn out to be is… Great Cthulhu??

    I amGreat Cthulhu!

    “And for them shall be set the greatest of the Star-Spawned, and he shall be their Priest!” or
    so it is written in the Grimiore Helesh Nasheed. The being known as Great
    Cthulhu is the intermediary between the aspirant and the other great
    powers. He is envisioned as a towering giant with an eight-tentacled
    face. His prodigious corpus is shrouded in wicked shadows cast by his
    chiropteran wings. We believe he rests dreaming beneath this world’s
    oceans emitting dreams to his chosen. The time of his awakening is known.

    Which Great Old One are you?

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