A lot of people, myself included, linked to the I wish for peace meme. Many others have commented that while it’s a noble wish, it doesn’t actually accomplish anything.

I don’t necessarily agree. I have always said that one person has the ability to make a difference in the world, within the reach of his arm and the sound of his voice. While the small things we each do to make the world a better place may not be a ripple to the larger world events, the incremental effect of ALL of us doing small things to improve the quality of life of those around us does.

In this country, we have a chance to make substansive change every time we hold an election. There’s a lot that goes into mobilizing people for that campaign, starting with the primaries, and culiminating with the national election where we can attempt to peacefully change the disasterous direction we are headed by putting new leadership into office.

But in terms of a call to action, let’s just disseminate this:

National Take Back Our Country Day: November 2, 2004

Pass it on.