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Adventures in Suburbia

Got the cable bill paid today, after some mild frustration — I called them hoping to get the automated system to get directions ot the payment centre nearby. Instead, for some reason, I ended up talking to a person, who informed me the ONLY payment center in Fulton County was at Greenbriar Mall, which is down on the south side. Now, considering that a) I’d already checked with the automated system the other day, and b) Fulton County is approximately the size of Delaware, I didn’t really believe this could be true. The web page gave me better information and I found the place easily.

I hope this is just a result of Comcast’s amoeba-like absorption of AT&T Broadband, and that they get their customer service ducks in a row shortly.


Oh my sweet Aunt Clara….


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  1. Don’t get your hopes up

    heh… as an employee of the evil empire (no no! not microsloth!) I can tell you, your hopes are in vain. We haven’t even begun to really assimilate the newly purchased assets. It’s going to get uglier still…

  2. Anonymous

    This is NOT encouraging. My Chosen One and I had to go through the to conversion less than a year ago. And soon we’ll have to be converted to Oy!

    Ann Onynous (thinking Verizontally).

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