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Delayed plans

I had really hoped that my mother would be coming to visit us sometime during the Christmas holidays. kitanzi still hasn’t met her, and is looking forward to it; for myself, I haven’t seen her in quite a long time, though we do speak on the telephone frequently. But with this thing and that thing and the other thing, it didn’t happen. Then the first week in January, I had houseguests, then came GaFilk, so Mom made plans to come down last weekend.

Well, last weekend there was winter weather, which, while not bad down here, was enough up in North Carolina that she decided to postpone her trip until this weekend. After all, there was no urgency attached to the visit, and this weekend was just as good as last.

Last night, she called to let me know they’d had four inches of snow dumped on them last night, and thus she was postponing again until next weekend.

Which is fine, really. I’m just struck by the fact that, living in the Southeast as I do, this is the first time I’ve ever had someone not be able to come and see me until “after the thaw”.


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  1. So does this mean I get to keep her christmas gift, as threatened? *G*
    (just kidding, of course!)

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