Tadpoolery Episode 39: Game of Spones

There’s a new episode of Tadpoolery!  In this episode, Rob and Bryan discuss

  • Sports, briefly
  • Tadpool as community / online friendships
  • Nerdtacular is coming!
  • Weird news: carjackers foiled by manual transmission.
  • Steam sale controversy.
  • Nostalgia isn’t what it used to be.
  • Game of Thrones season finale ( spoilers! )
  • NepoTuneism:  “Winter is Coming” by Sunnie Larson and friends.

As always, you can subscribe to Tadpoolery on iTunes or download/listen at our webpage.

Enjoy, and thanks for listening!

Tadpoolery: And we’re back…

In January of 2011, Scott Johnson and Brian Ibbott launched a podcast called “The Morning Stream“, a culmination of Scott’s long-time desire to do a morning-drive style radio program that reflected his particularly geeky sensibilities.  Like other shows he produced, TMS was live-streamed as it was recorded, and an active chat room interacted with the hosts.  Some of us started hanging out in that chatroom even when nothing was being broadcast, and a community began to coalesce.  The community was nicknamed “The Tadpool”, riffing off of the name of Scott’s studio, Frogpants Studios, and soon after that, a Facebook community was created to foster a less real-time (and more enduring) interaction between fans.

As time went on, we realised that a lot of very cool people were hanging out in this community, and a small group of us decided to start a show focused on the community, in order to better get to know people.  It was called “Tadpoolery”, and was hosted by Bryan Provost, Nick Nizzi, and myself, along with a rotating guest from the Tadpool that we would chat with about whatever sorts of things that person was primarily interested in.  Due to the random nature of our guests backgrounds, the episodes could cover a wide variety of of topics, and frequently would range so far afield that our tagline became “The tangent is the topic.”

The original incarnation of Tadpoolery ran for 36 episodes.  Towards the end of that run, we started to feel like the lack of structure was actually becoming a liability, and decided to take a brief hiatus to retool the show and get a better handle on what we wanted to do with it.  For a variety of reasons, we didn’t return from that hiatus as planned.

Two years later…

Bryan and I actually started talking about rebooting the show last year, just after Nerdtacular.  We wanted to keep the same vibe the original show had — it’s very much a product of the Tadpool — while giving it room to expand and evolve into something of wider and more general interest.  Around the end of last year, we did a test show, which went well but had some technical difficulties.  Once those were finally resolved and scheduling was worked out, we’ve now officially relaunched Tadpoolery and released our first new episodes.

Episode 37 is the test episode we recorded last year.  The topics include:

  • Breaking Bad
  • Dragon Age Heroes (android)
  • World of Warcraft
  • Kingdom of Amalur IP sale
  • Fallout 4 hoax
  • Stealth games
  • Weird news: recreational marijuana dispensery names
  • Weird news: The Slutcracker (Burlesque parody of the Nutcracker)
  • Music: Marian Call, “Sketchbook”, Postmodern Jukebox

Episode 38 was recorded last week, where we discussed:

  • Travel and Tadmeets (Tadpool Meetups)
  • Nerdtacular is coming!
  • Tattoos
  • You Can’t Watch Everything (Josh Williams)
  • Nerd Rage
  • Star Wars and Star Wars
  • Iconic Vs. Definitive Portrayals
  • Summer of 1994 (Brian Duff)
  • I love the 2000s
  • NepoTuneism: Tom Smith, “307 Ale”
  • Steam Summer Sale (Rocksmith, Skyrim)
  • Catching Up ON Old Content (video games and TV, especially)

So as you can see, the tangent is still the topic. 🙂  You can subscribe to Tadpoolery on ITunes, or get episodes directly from our webpage.  New episodes will be released on Friday.

It’s good to finally have my show back on the air.  I’ve really missed making it, and I hope you enjoy listening to it.

Seattle Pride Parade 2014

Since we live just around the corner from the end point of the Seattle Pride Parade route, we sauntered over just a few minutes before it got there and were able to get a great spot to see everything go by.  I took an enormous number of photos, which Larissa then culled through them to remove all the really horrible shots, near-identical duplicates, and out of focus pictures.  There’s still over 600 in the set.

Many of these photos are NSFW, so use your own discretion.

Gallery of Seattle Pride Parade 2014 photos

This is how the world ends. Not with a bang, but with a pile of receipts…

Just a random excerpt of a conversation between me and a friend of a friend, on Facebook

Doug Williams Although I do agree Styrofoam is evil. Cardboard packaging is my nemesis.

Rob Wynne Doug: Really? “Cardboard Packaging” is my Malvina Reynolds cover band! #kickingitoldschool

Doug Williams With 3 kids the amount of cardboard packaging that comes through my house is ridiculous. Let’s just say they could probably name where forests used to be after my children.

Rob Wynne 

“What are the roots that clutch, what branches grow
Out of this stony rubbish? Son of man,
You cannot say, or guess, for you know only
A heap of broken images, where the sun beats,
And the dead tree gives no shelter, the cricket no relief,
And the dry stone no sound of water. Only
There is shadow under this red rock,
(Come in under the shadow of this red rock),
And I will show you something different from either
Your shadow at morning striding behind you
Or your shadow at evening rising to meet you;
I will show you fear in a handful of dust.

Anyway, you got an XBox One for Christmas
And that new game you wanted but barely played
So I hope you’re happy.”

From “The First Drafts of TS Elliot (unpublished)”

Tiny Beautiful Things

Every so often, a book comes to my attention that perhaps wouldn’t have normally. I’ll read a review, or hear it recommended, and think “Hey, that sounds interesting”, and I’ll make a note to myself to pick it up if I see it, or sometimes i’ll just grab it off the Amazon Kindle store where it will sit, waiting for me to find a moment to crack it open.

I don’t, at this point, remember who recommended the book “Tiny Beautiful Things: Advice on Love and Life from Dear Sugar” by Cheryl Strayed. It’s been sitting in my Kindle Library for some time. But a couple of days ago I randomly opened it and began to read. Today I finished it.

I don’t recall the last book that so often made me laugh out loud, so often moved me to tears, so often stopped me dead in my tracks with a perfectly phrased insight or so often made me just stop, walk away from the book because I needed time to think and digest.and reflect on what I had just read.

I’ve read collections of advice columns before, from Dan Savage and Miss Manners and others. This is very likely the first collection of advice columns I will read again and again, because as much as I took from it, there’s more to take and find and connect with.

If you’re a human being who is currently in the process of living a life, I recommend this book.

A Better Plan

A Better Plan
by Rob Wynne
Music:  “Let It Go” by Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez (from Disney’s “Frozen”)

The weather outside is frightful tonight
But this fire is very nice
And there’s no place I need to be
out in the frozen ice
The wind is blowing and
The snow piles up in drifts
So let’s just stay here, wrap our Christmas gifts

We can’t go out, let’s just stay in
There’s no need to brave the howling din
Stay warm, no storm can harm us here
The answer’s clear

Let it snow, let it snow
It shows no sign of stopping
Let it snow, let it snow
I brought some corn for popping
There’s nowhere
That we need to be
Turn the lights down low
Curl up on the sofa here next to me


Every so often, an idea for a parody shows up that won’t go away, but there really isn’t enough there to justify parodying the entire song.  These are called “show stoppers” because they typically only run up to the point that you hit the punchline of the joke, and then end.

Larissa and I finally got around to seeing Disney’s “Frozen” (which is excellent, and you should watch it), and this came into my mind and wouldn’t go away, so i finally sat down and wrote it.  It’s finished; there’s only the one verse and chorus.