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I lie on my back
and look up at the sky
a pale blue expanse with
scattered white clouds
like drifting banks of snow
or perhaps crumpled linen
waiting for the wash
and I wonder
how the sky is where you are
and if you are lying on your back
and thinking of me

A Poem For Spring

driving into work today,
the brilliant blues and greens of
spring in the south
made me think about poetry
and how lucky we are
that so few words
can touch us so deeply
how lucky we are
that so much can be said
in a few short lines of
imagery and allusion
but most importantly
how lucky we are
when the sands of time have shifted
that the poetry we wrote as teenagers
in a spiral bound notebook when we should have been studying
quadratic equations
has long since gone missing
and is unlikely to be found again

This is New York. We’ll find a place to dance…

John M. Ford wrote this stunning poem about September 11. Go read it. Now.

“110 Stories” by John M. Ford

For L…..

A Sonnet of the Moon
by Charles Best

Look how the pale queen of the silent night
Doth cause the ocean to attend upon her,
And he, as long as she is in his sight,
With her full tide is ready her to honor.

But when the silver wagon of the moon
Is mounted up so high he cannot follow,
The sea calls home his crystal waves to moan,
And with low ebb doth manifest his sorrow.

So you that are the sovereign of my heart
Have all my joys attending on your will;
My joys low-ebbing when you do depart,
When you return their tide my heart doth fill.

So as you come and as you do depart,
Joys ebb and flow within my tender heart.

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