Things are moving along nicely with the preparations for moving.  With luck, we’ll be able to actually move our computers down this weekend and start actually residing in our new residence.  I’ve been bringing down small carloads of stuff during my daily commute1, and taking advantage of my parking space in the building.

I had called to set up cable and internet service, and they told me I’d need to actually go to one of their offices and pick up the CableCARD that would allow my TiVo to act as a cable box, because they don’t ship those by mail.  No problem, the nearest office is just a few miles from my office, so I  popped up there during lunch.

I was impressed by their waiting area, which had a ticket system rather than making people stand in a serpentine line.  And there were little computer stations, so I spent some time reading a couple of news sites while waiting.  Finally, they called my number and I went up to the counter.  The young lady behind the counter looked vaguely familiar to me, but I couldn’t place her so I shrugged it off and told her why I was there.

While collecting my information, she noted my phone number (which is still my old 678 number, because I’ve had no real reason to change it) and asked if I was from Georgia.  I told her I’d recently moved here from Atlanta.

“I used to live in Atlanta too!”
“Really, what part?”
“John’s Creek.2
“No kidding?  I lived in Alpharetta.”
“Oh, cool.  I worked at the Comcast location in Alpharetta, over on Main Street.”
“*That’s* where I knew you from!”

Seriously, what are the odds?


  1. And just today, had the first thing to break in the course of the move. *sigh* 

  2. Alpharetta and John’s Creek are right next to each other.