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Do You Come From A Land Down Under?

In the beginning, God created the universe, and the planet Earth, and He created all the plants and animals and living things that grew on the land and swam in the sea. 

If you’ve ever been part on a big R&D project, you’ll know that things sometimes go wrong, or wander down blind alleys, or just don’t turn out right. Things were created that simply didn’t work well with the overall theme of the project. So God said “Make an enormous island off in the corner, there, and we’ll put all the problem stuff there, where it can’t hurt anyone.

And God looked up on his Work, and saw that it was good. So he closed the project and went onto other things. it’s a big universe, and you can’t micromanage.

Millions of years of later, one of the angels called to report that there was a problem on Earth, and since He was the original Lead Designer, could he possible check it out? So God goes to take a look.


And from the next room, a voice replied, “Did you call me, Dad?”

“No, no, it’s fine. it’s nothing.” God sighed and, figuring it was too late to fix Earth, went back to that nice little nebula He was working on over in the Andromeda galaxy.

Do not ask questions. Do not make eye contact. Do not look at the shadowy figures in the corner booth. When your food arrives, please take it and leave immediately. #nightvalewafflehouse

Do not as questions. Do not make eye contact. Do not look at the shadowy figures in the corner booth. When your food arrives, please take it and leave immediately. #nightvalewafflehouse
Waffle House

The beers of November came early…

The beers of November came early...
Winking Lizard Tavern

UFO hovers over Seattle.

UFO hovers over Seattle.

Just a stranger on the bus trying to make his way home

Conversation between me and kitanzi just now:

Me:  Buffalo wings should have a crispy texture when you bite into them.  Crispy skin, that is, no breading.  Breaded wings are an abomination in the eyes of God.1

Her:  I wasn’t aware God had an firm opinion on wings.

Me: God has an firm opinion on almost everything.

Her: Well, all sorts of people have an opinion about what God’s opinion of things is.  That’s not the same thing.

Me:  Ok, let me clarify.  God – as I understand Him – has a very firm opinion on wings. And, when I say “God as I understand him”, what I mean is…

Her:  (offers high-five) Well, at least you’re honest.

I love my wife.  We’re perfect for each other.

  1. Trying to find buffalo wings in Seattle as good as my favourite place back in Atlanta is an ongoing quest. 

But nothing hides the colour of the lights that shine

Today is National Coming Out Day.  According to Wikipedia:

National Coming Out Day (NCOD) is an internationally observed1 civil awareness day celebrating individuals who publicly identify as bisexual, gay, lesbian, transgender—coming out regarding one’s sexual orientation and/or gender identity being akin to a cultural rite of passage for LGBT people. The day is observed annually by members of the LGBT community and allies on October 11.

I am bisexual.  I have known this for a very long time.  Now you do too.

Also:  happy weekend!

  1. Making the word national rather reductive, but never mind… 

Coming in for a landing…

Coming in for a landing...
Myrtle Edwards Running Trail

The P-I Globe lit…

The P-I Globe lit...
Myrtle Edwards Running Trail

Elliott Bay at sunset

Elliott Bay at sunset
Myrtle Edwards Park

Mt Rainier at Sunset…

Mt Rainier at Sunset...
West Thomas Street Pedestrian and Bicycle Overpass

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