Gwnewch y pethau bychain

Shaping reality

I have taken certain ideas — notions, if you will — and put them into motion and released them into the universe.

Let’s see how they come back to me.


Last day before Gafilk rates go up


Gafilk 2012 Super Secret Guest is…


  1. I hope you get the outcome you desire, and that it is all you hope it to be.

  2. If they really love you, they’ll come back, fully realized.

    If not, you can always hunt them down and shoot them 🙂

    (Better yet, spread it around and encourage their growth. Ephraim Levy was a wise man, especially for one who wasn’t flesh and blood 😀

  3. Good luck!

    Meanwhile, I note that it is December 1st and I’ve gone to the GAFilk website and I don’t see the announcement of the Super Secret Guest. Do I have an off-by-one error? 🙂

  4. That sounds lovely.

  5. What???

    information tease, you…

  6. Hope things come to you that you are hoping for, and that even better things find you either way :).

  7. Fascinating! I hope they flourish!

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