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Month: November 2011

Last day before Gafilk rates go up

Tomorrow is December 1st, and that means the membership price for Gafilk goes up. Get your membership in the mail today, or send it in via Paypal from our website,

We have Vixy & Tony, Scott Snyder, Pug and Shaya, and a super secret guest whom we will reveal tomorrow. 🙂 Plus, the release of Play It With Moxie’s first CD, and all the usual festivities!

Looking forward to seeing everyone in January!


Ran across this while looking for something else:

“You can clutch the past so tightly to your chest that it leaves your arms too full to embrace the present.”
~Jan Glidewell

Writer’s Block: Background players

I’m not sitting in front of it, so I don’t know what specific picture is up this precise moment, but it rotates through a set of some of my favourite photos of my sweeties. That way whenever I show my desktop, I see a picture of someone I love who makes me happy.

RIP Chris “Keris” Croughton

When the phone rings at 6am, it’s never good news.

Got a call from telynor that Chris Croughton (keristor) was killed in an automobile collision last night. I’m absolutely heartbroken; he was a wonderful man, and a good friend, and I’m going to miss him very, very much.

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