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Month: October 2011

Plugging in…

When I was sixteen years old, I bought my first guitar. It was a 1982 Rickenbacker solidbody electric, and I got it for a steal of a price. Unfortunately, I didn’t have anyone to really teach me how to play it, and I was pretty useless at teaching myself. A couple of years later, in need of quick cash, I sold it to a friend right before I moved to Georgia.

I had always regretted this, and said one day I’m going to get another guitar and learn to play it. But I put it off, and I put it off, and I put it off some more. Sooner or later, I said, there will be time and money for it.

In 1998, a near-death experience reminded me that there won’t always be time to get around to things, and I might want to think about not putting off those things I really want to do with my life. So once I was adequately recovered, I went out and bought a new guitar, a Fender DG10/12 12-string acoustic. And I signed up for a group class at the nearby MARS music store, and learned to play it well enough, and set about learning to play songs I liked and actually performing at filks and filkcons. 13 years later, I’m an adequate if unexceptional accompanist.

Still, there’s a part of me that still has an itch for electric music. When asked what I wanted to be when I grew up, I always say “I wanted to be a rock star. In many ways, I still do.” So yesterday, I went down to Guitar Centre to take advantage of a good coupon I had and picked up a cheap electric guitar and a small amp. It’s an Epiphone Les Paul Studio, and it’s very very pretty.

(While I was there, I also test drove a much more expensive acoustic: a Taylor 8-string baritone. It took an immense amount of willpower and a reminder of what I’d already committed funds to over the next few months not to change my plans, because dear lord I sounded good playing it. But I digress…)

I’ve been playing around with it for the last 12 hours. First impressions: I love the sound of it. I think I’m going to have a lot of fun with it. Good grief, I don’t know how to play it. 🙂

It’s a whole new ride. Let’s make some noise.

OVFF Con Report Roundups

As is my custom, I’ve collected all the con reports from OVFF that I can locate in my memories, for both my own benefit and for the community.

A couple of caveats, since this has come up in the past:

  1. I find these by perusing my own friends list. Contrary to popular myth, I don’t actually know every single person in filk (There must be at least 4 people I’m unacquainted with. I’m sure of it. *grin*), and also I’m doing it by hand and it’s easy to miss one. If you know of a report that is not contained on my index, please point me to it.
  2. If an entry I link to is friends-locked such that you cannot see it, you’ll need to discuss that with the journal’s author, not me. I have no control over the locks other people put on their spaces.

That aside, here’s the list so far. I’ll add to it as people point me to more or I see new ones posted.

OVFF 2011 Con Reports

Pegasus online voting ends Monday!

Just a reminder that the online balloting for this year’s Pegasus awards ends Monday night. So if you haven’t yet cast your vote, you have just two days left to do so!

You will find the ballot at

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