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In the interest of having a place I can talk about politics without necessarily inflicting them on people who’d rather not talk to me about that subject, I’ve started a political blog. Not much there yet, but anyone interested in what I will eventually have to say on the matter is welcome to come and check it out.


London Calling



  1. Marry me?

    I could have written almost every word. Well, maybe not, I don’t actually believe there is nearly as much waste in government activities as the myth would have us believe. I think federally elected officials are paid too much and have too many perks and way too cadillac a health insurance plan to be denying the rest of us anything.

    Still….marry me?

  2. Huh. Maybe I should start something like that.

    I’m totally dismayed by how conservative so many fans are. 🙁

    At the same time I’m totally dismayed by how the liberal basis slant is here on LJ, and I keep thinking there’s too many teens and 20-somethings here, usually female, usually white, who have little life experience and don’t really understand things outside of their limited life experience.

    Is there a place for moderates?

    • We have to carve out our own space. If you take a look at my blog, my views are pretty well laid out, and I’m squarely in the middle.

      I’ve fallen behind…work has been busy lately and it’s a LOT of reading to do the kind of writing I want to do, but I’m hoping to get back on it soon.

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