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London Calling

London is bidding to host the 2014 World Science Fiction Convention. To launch their bid, they put together a video that is made of pure hammered awesome.


Inside the ACat’s Studio


The Art Of The Possible And Other Faerie Stories


  1. On the one hand that is totally and completely awesome, on the other hand, why host a con somewhere at such a high risk of explosion 😉

  2. I was just thinking the same thing -- should we have WorldCon in a city so prone to alien attacks? Seems like the only worse place would be Cardiff…

    • Cardiff would be worse, because half the time the aliens think it’s London anyway *g*…

      • If you look at the clips you will note there does seem to be a high Time Lord quota in the enemies. Since Time Lord season starts at Easter by August the alien invasion potential should be low. There is also a lower Giant Monster Stomping average than many cities which have hosted worldcons. The main threats are usually Mad Science and with the government cutbacks in the science budget this should also be a lower threat due to the poorer grade of science teaching in the schools.

        The real question is does your travel insurance cover destruction of the hotel by cross dimensional steampunk piracy.

        • “cover destruction of the hotel by cross dimensional steampunk piracy”

          I would love to see the reaction to someone asking that 😀

        • Heh. But isn’t around August when they usually start filming in Cardiff?

          • Thats the distraction to confuse the aliens. Stick a force shield in about Windsor and we should be OK.

  3. That’s fabulous.

  4. that does indeed rock

  5. “This video contains Sony Entertainment footage that it is illegal to show in Germany”

    can’t watch it … :-(((

  6. That is, in fact, hammered awesome. How much of that would you say was Dr Who, other than “a metric buttload”?

  7. As evidence that that’s a good idea, my thought while hearing of London as a possibility and watching the video is, “Hey, I’d go to that,” and I’ve never been to WorldCon before.

  8. Bed Sitting Room! w00t!

  9. Investigate! Investigate!

    Well, the music was fabulous, if an obvious choice. The dragon flights were a nice plus (from where / what, I wonder). And even a little snippet from the last The Prisoner episode! Now if only London could get mysteriously towed to Massachusetts Bay, I’d have a shot at attending. 🙁

    Ann O.

    • Re: Investigate! Investigate!

      I’ve never seen it, but I’m pretty sure the dragon bits are from ‘Reign of Fire’.

      • Re: Investigate! Investigate!

        I had some trouble with the images on the imdb site but, yes, it does indeed look like “Reign of Fire” footage. Thanks!

    • Re: Investigate! Investigate!

      I liked the little snippet from the Prisoner.

      I was also waiting for the bit where the Deatheaters destroyed the Millenium Bridge.

      And I’m sure I noticed a triffid…

      • Re: Investigate! Investigate!

        There was a second Prisoner snippet, driving his little yellow machine and being followed by the Gas Man in a big black machine, from near the beginning of the first episode. And, if I’m not mistaken, one Avenger’s scene where Steed drives by. And yes, a triffid or three or four, too.

        Now if the future con comm can put on as good a con as the bid folks can do marketing and videography… 🙂

        Ann O.

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