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Links and Notes

Various links worth reading relating to the election:

  • George Wallace’s daughter ponders how he might have felt about the election of Barack Obama.
  • A blogger at ponders what this election might mean for the future of both the Republican and Democratic party. Particularly worth noting is the section on The Joshua Generation.
  • Obama’s speech about The Joshua Generation referenced above, delivered at the Selma Voting Rights March Commemoration in March, 2007.. I think it’s good enough to get it’s own citation here.
  • Wil Wheaton nails it. Right on the head. More or less what people like myself and kitanzi were trying to say in our posts on Wednesday, only better.
  • A lovely poem by Suzette Haden Elgin.

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    1. The “Joshua Generation” thing is why while I am so angry at what happened with Prop 8, I think it all just needs a little more time. I wish it didn’t, but I think we need to wait for the millenials to reach voting age in greater numbers.

      • That was my thought on it, too. Kids growing up now will have an entirely different view of the whole thing; our kids will think gay marriage is perfectly normal, and their kids, hopefully, won’t even understand why the question was asked. We’ll get there.

    2. You are correct. I think Mr. Wheaton, and his friend, have hit the nail on the head. It won’t be easy, but good leadership by example never is.

    3. Regarding the “Joshua generation,” I’ll be very happy if someday that mythical butcher of entire cities is no longer considered a holy man.

    4. I’ve been worn down to a quivering nub of emotions by this whole week, but I wanted to say that Peggy Wallace Kennedy’s article made me want to do nothing so much as hug her, too.

      Wil Wheaton is right, and in honor of that, I’m not going to go argue with his commentators.

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