Gwnewch y pethau bychain


If you read this, if your eyes are passing over this right now, even if we don’t speak often, please post a comment with a memory of you and me. It can be anything you want — good or bad. When you’re finished, post this little paragraph on your blog and be surprised (or mortified) about what people remember about you.


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  1. I remember you and FilkerDave making me laugh so hard that I needed to use my inhaler.

  2. Only one?

    Well… there is something of a feeling that one ought to weight meat-space moments more heavily in this sort of thing, and with us, that does narrow it down quite a bit, unfortunately.

    I’d say that day I was visiting in Atlanta and they threw a housefilk for me, and I was waiting eagerly for you and to arrive and really looking forward to it, and anticipating and then so enjoying the hug I got on your arrival, and spending the evening in such good company, and watching you sing whenever I thought you wouldn’t catch me at it.

    • Why on earth were you trying to keep him from seeing that you were watching him sing?

      • *opens mouth … closes mouth*

        *opens mouth … closes mouth*

        *gesticulates wildly and frustratedly with hands*

        Gah. Possibly this is one of those “inherent cultural differences” things, as it’s totally obvious to me that of COURSE I would do that, and I utterly can’t figure out how to explain it.

        It’s not the singing, more the not-getting-caught-at-watching in general.

  3. One word: murlocs.


  4. Too many to sift through, but… Most recently, calling you up to talk about Greg. I really needed to do that.

  5. Sitting across the table from you chez and noticing how you observe what is going on around you with people. You and the woman next to me were geeking on Dr. Who tv shows and my attention glazed off into further reaches. I looked around for a convo to which I could listen as I was in quiet mode myself. No one was saying anything of high interest to me; so I think my eyes went even a little further north… and you said:

    “Someone will be around to kill you shortly”.

    LOL. It was so funny. I still think about it and laugh sometimes 🙂

    • I felt bad for you, but I also got the impression that poor N. didn’t get the chance to geek about her current passion nearly enough in real life, so I was indulging her.

      I try to always keep an eye on the people I care about. You’re certainly one of them.

      • I didn’t feel bad about the lack of stuff I could tune into or begrudge anyone their geekery. No not at all. I was enjoying being in everyone’s presence, quietly. 🙂 Your comment was just one of those that gets under my skin and does the time release funny. Hee hee….. Gettin’ up to a year and still goin’ strong 🙂

        I feel lucky to be one of the folks you care about 🙂 The feeling is mos def mutual 🙂

  6. memories

    I remember walking up to you in the hallway at ovff and giving your generous beard a good scritch.. you dutifully raised your chin and purred.

    then i realized that it was you.. from atlanta.. so when i concected your lj name with you. i always think of that first scritch in the hallway and smile.

    yes i have been know to walk up to complete strangers and scratch their beards.

  7. Reading the comments made me smile -- made me curiuos -- made me long for good memories, regardless. You and I don’t share any. Yet. And maybe we never will. But knowing you as a ‘vriendeling’ -- someone met on the net -- made today start as a happy day. And that is a good future memory.

    • But knowing you as a ‘vriendeling’ -- someone met on the net -- made today start as a happy day. And that is a good future memory.

      I wish words like that worked in English -- one of the reasons Dutch is so awesome 🙂

    • Ik spreek een beetje Nederlands. Wat en cool word. Dank je 🙂

    • Well, hopefully one day, our paths will cross. I’m expecting it’s too much to hope you’ll be at APC17.

  8. Upstairs hallway of the hotel for Dixseption. Jiffy Corn Muffin Mix.

  9. You and Bill Sutton at his house at a housefilk several years ago acting like ancient curmudgeons while doing the shtick for “When I Was a Boy” and talking about Heather Alexander naked, then realizing as you look out that I was recording you with my mike on my boom and using some very colorful metaphors.

    • Heh. Of course, what I remember was the schtick we worked in from that.

      Me: “Yknow, that boy over there is recording us, and if Heather ever finds out what we’ve been saying, we’re gonna be in big trouble.”

      Bill: “Yep. Still may as well introducer ourselves. I’m Frank Hayes, and this fella over here is Steve Macdonald.”

  10. I remember the first time I met you, you gave me a bear hug so big you nearly picked me up, knowing that was exactly what I needed at the time.

  11. Dinner at that great Persian restaurant with you, Larissa and Jim. Also, various conversations on the phone and you flirting with me on Filkhaven 🙂

  12. All the times I’ve seen you being unfailingly kind to everyone in reach, even the most clueless, while working your butt off.

  13. Sitting on the floor of Tigerlily’s living room while you played and sang “Tangled Up in Blue” for me. *beam*

  14. I really tend to skip this meme because I find it hard to pull up memories without much more specific triggers, but since in this one “skipped meme” conflates to “didn’t read post”, I thought I’d drop a simple, “I read this,” comment.

    • I appreciate that, actually. I sometimes get unreasonably morose when I make a comment that no one responds to.

  15. I was doing random LJ lookups for people who have things in common with me, and you had a bunch. We chatted online and I asked to friend you.

    Not very cool but you know… its the way things happend.


  16. Funny thing,

    I put up this note on my LJ after you posted it, and I’ve received only 2 comments, along with an explanation for a comment made. I guess there aren’t too many memories of me out there.

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