Gwnewch y pethau bychain

Best. First Dance. EVER.

This weekend, two of my WoW guildmates, Silverfoot and Aeshna, got married. They’re a lovely couple, and I wish them all the best

Anyway, also at the wedding were some other TGC members, and one of them had a video capture device, which is a good thing, because otherwise, we’d have only heard about, and not seen, this.

I’m gasping for breath. That was *astounding*. Way to go, guys. May your ever day together be full of magic.


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  1. Now I’m jealous for just showing up with my clarinet on my best man on guitar, playing the song he composed in the hopes of _his_ wedding…

    And why aren’t you on twitter yet? 🙂

    • Because I have no use for Twitter? Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad other people like it. But if I started one up, it’d be one more thing I felt vaguely guilty about not updating more often. And I honestly don’t need that, really.

      • Well, that’s a fairly good reason…

        It probably couldn’t hurt to register your nick so nobody else gets it, though — I have a fair number of accounts out there like that.

  2. Well, they do have some other wedding dances to compete with… such as:

    (Disclaimer: I do know these people slightly, but wasn’t at their wedding. They are friends of other friends… friends who danced to Addams Family movie music at *their* wedding. Yep, including a bit of the Mamushka.)

  3. I wonder whether my nephew’s reception made it onto the video; they met in a Rocky Horror cast…

  4. That was awesome!!!!

  5. There are tears in my eyes from laughing so hard. That. Was. AWESOME.

  6. I wonder how many hours of rehearsal they put into this -- they did a really good job.

  7. Wow! Incredible bit of choreography. They must have planned this for some time. Sure wish I could have been there -- thank you for sharing this…

  8. That was excellent!

    I rarely sit at the computer by myself and applaud a video, but when it returned to the original song I spontaneously burst into a (very brief) round of applause!

  9. As soon as I got done watching that I forwarded the YouTube link to my daughter Sharon. She’s getting married a little later this summer. She dances. Adam plays in a band.

  10. I no longer feel that my desire to do ‘Thriller’ at my wedding is even a little odd. Thank you.

  11. That was great!

  12. So cool, and very impressive!

  13. Also, an improvement over the original mix of songs, I thought.

  14. That was so very cool.

    Some of the older generations in attendance were probably lost on the reference, or confused by the fact that it wasn’t the “traditional” first dance, but it was still cool.

    Thpbltblt and I did something similar at our wedding back in April. We started and finished with Dan Fogelberg’s “Longer”, and had The Romantics’ “What I like about you” somewhere in the middle 😉

    I don’t think anyone got video of it, though.

  15. Omg, that is the BEST THING EVER.

    Also: DAMN. She did that whole thing in high heels and a STRAPLESS DRESS.

  16. Anonymous

    I am Silverfoot

    Well, to answer some questions/comments…

    It took 13 hours to make that mix (that includes time spent learning the software)…and the finished product was just under 10 min (the video cuts out the beginning). If all cut material were to be added, we would have danced for over 30 minutes.

    Practice…only about once or twice a day for 2 weeks. She used to dance, and I have practiced martial arts for over half of my life, so choreography that simple wasn’t so difficult.

    While we never expected this to make a world-wide audience (should have checked for video equipment at the door), thanks for being amused.

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