Gwnewch y pethau bychain

Every Good Boy Deserves Favour….

I know one isn’t supposed to get too chuffed at one’s on cleverness, but today in #filkhaven, I crafted what I think is a very good Doctor Who mnemonic, considering I took all of 60 seconds crafting it:

Have The People Been Demanding Baked Muffins More Easily Toasted?

I leave the meaning of this as an exercise to the reader.


Getting to know you, part XXVIII


Locals: Movie Night – June 4!


  1. Well, there are ten words in that…

  2. *gigglesnerk*

  3. I got it! Well done!

  4. Even _I_, the most recent of Dr Who converts, got it before the hint, above.

    Good One.


  5. The only question I have is the “More” for the book-only Dr. 8.

  6. I don’t know about the people, but I would like easier-toastable muffins *g*. (And yes, I did get it, and it might even enable me to remember them all without missing a couple…)

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