Gwnewch y pethau bychain

Meme: A lens upon my world

Saw this on filkerdave‘s LJ, and I’ve been meaning to dig out the camera and start using it again, anyway, so…

Ask me to photograph something (around where I live/work, or somewhere I can get to easily) … it could be just about anything, but I reserve the right to “interpret” your request if it makes for a better photo or is vaguely amusing to me 🙂 … no guarantee for how quickly I’ll get around to your request, but I’ll see what I can do (and I also reserve the right to use a photograph I’ve already taken if it fits your theme/request)


Today’s Random Thought


Here’s your chance…


  1. The album/cassette/CD in your collection that would most frighten me 🙂

  2. Somethign that reminds you of when you first met

  3. The most interesting corner of your home?

    …and if you fancy further suggestions: the smallest tree in your neighbourhood, an appealing door, your favourite piece of kitanzi’s jewellery, her favourite piece of your clothing, a hat, yellow, shadow of something alive, sunrise, streetlamp, an unusual piece of architecture for your area, a seat, something you cherish, a childhood memento/memory, spice, light in darkness…

  4. Something ordinary that makes you smile every time you really notice / look at it.

  5. Barring invasion of anyone’s privacy:

    The first thing you see in the morning.

  6. That reminds me, I still have one of your cameras here at the house.


  7. Okay, feeling random

    Hm. How about a picture of the cats draped over ? Since I expect it’d be tricky to take a picture of yourself with them on your lap. Then sign the picture.

    Or how about that one chunk of steep trail that was your nemesis a while back?

  8. How about a picture of one of those drought-dried lake / river beds we’re hearing about up here? No, it doesn’t have to be an aerial view. 🙂

    Ann O.

  9. Anything that you find beautiful.

  10. How about a picture of “home”? (Whatever that means to you :-))

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