Gwnewch y pethau bychain

A Heartfelt Plea for Peace and Goodwill

You can find the most interesting things using StumbleUpon. Today, I found this lovely, funny country music video, which is apparently set to a song by singer/comedian Rodney Carrington, about the beauty, splendor, and yes the healing power of the bosom.

I will warn you that this video is not remotely safe for work. But gosh, it’s fun.

Should this video, er, inspire you, feel free to drop me an e-mail at *wink* *grin*


Filling the gap


Protected: Housewarming party


  1. The appropriate link is on the front page of my journal. 😉 (Additional photos available at -- which I should maybe add to the links section….)

  2. Great googly moogly.

  3. Ok, the woman on horseback just looks painful. Bouncy bouncy ouch!

  4. Okay, I’ll just sit here and drum my fingers on the desk as I wait for it to be kid bedtime…

  5. I think that even if I were sufficiently “inspired” that Chris Farley (is that him? The Chippendale sketch dancer) has done a perfectly good job as my stand-in 🙂

    Thanks, and yes, NERSFW!

  6. …wow. Also: woooowwwww. I suppose this is where I say I’ll be in my bunk?

  7. On behalf of fans of both demented music and mammalian protuberances everywhere, thank you, sir. (Why am I not surprised that song was perpetrated by Rodney Carrington?)

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