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Musical Discombobulation

I like to have music on while I work, though I’m often only listening to it with half an ear. At work, I take advantage of Pandora Radio to offer up a stream of music that is likely to be pleasing to me, while still exposing me to interesting new things that I might not otherwise hear amid all the stuff i do know.

So I’m sitting here working on a project, and my brain starts to register the music that’s playing.

“Hrm. This is a good song.”

“It sounds vaguely familiar.”

“Familiar, but it’s not right. It must be some weird cover of a song I like.”

Finally, this thought gets hold of enough of my consciousness that I flip my browser up to see what I’m listening to.

Turns out it’s not a weird cover at all. It’s the original recording of “Three Fine Daughters of Farmer Brown” by Eddie from Ohio. I’ve just gotten so used to the Lady Mondegreen cover that I register this recording as odd. 🙂


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  1. You aren’t the only one. I heard the original version some time after hearing the LMG version, and it’s really a very different, more country-fied song. And it feels all wrong after so many years of hearing the LMG version. (Odds are that I have heard it LMG perform it more than anyone on Earth outside the group and maybe

  2. I’ve never encountered Pandora Radio -- it’s an interesting site! Thanks for the link; I suspect I’ll be doing some playing with it now.

    • It’s a delightful project. I will warn you that I’ve heard people complain it does not work reliably outside of the US, due to restrictions the site was being forced to put in place. Hope it does work for you!

  3. That reminds me -- at 8:26 this morning, I was listening to the local jazz station (95.3 -- jazz in the morning, classical in the afternoon) and could *swear* I’d heard improvisation on “Threes” -- unfortunately, I couldn’t stay in the car long enough to find out what I’d actually heard.

  4. Stan Rogers also covered a lot of filkers, I have found.

  5. I’ve had that happen with some favorite a cappella covers of rock songs.

  6. That’s very funny! I do find their version to be oddly asynchronous with ours now that I’m used to our cover, but I still like it a lot.

    I had a very similar, but opposite experience the other day. I was listening to the show Woody’s Children, which is the local ‘roots folk’ show on our folk radio station, WFUV, and the vocals were just so familiar, and so was the guitar style, but I just couldn’t place it. Judy Collins? Mary from Peter Paul & Mary?

    Finally the jock came on and said “that was Kathy Mar,” and introduced the song and I had a good laugh. Good on Kathy for being on a random radio show in New York.

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