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Brain Weasel Stomping Day

What the heck. I approve of this idea from cjdoyle:

Wow- what is it in the air lately? Post after filtered post about how everyone is feeling alone, disconnected, unwanted. It’s not like this is one or two people – it’s like a rash all over my friends list the past few days. Male, female, betwixt, undecided, unconcerned…it seems to be an equal opportunity Brain Weasel Invasion.

Clearly, something needs to be done.

I think we need to have a Brain Weasel Stomping Day.

The problem, as I’ve noted before, is “it’s easier to see the Weasels when they’re eating someone else’s brain.”

So.This is my call to my friends list, and to your friends list, and beyond. This Friday, make an effort to squish someone’s Brain Weasel.

Have a crush on someone? Post a flirty comment in their journal. Admire someone’s skills? Post a comment about it. Just think a person is nifty? This Friday is the time to tell them.

Doesn’t matter if the post you’re commenting to doesn’t have much to do with your comment. Just post those good thoughts. Trust me. People will appreciate it.

Do this for everyone – not just those you suspect are feeling down (After all, you might not be on their Brain Weasel filter). Take a few minutes and help launch people into the weekend with a smile.

And…who knows? Maybe sharing how others make you happy will make you a bit more cheerful in return.

It’s worth a try.

Spread it around.


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  1. I really like the concept of a Brain Weasel filter. Must create one of those. Hmm, who to put on it….

  2. Brain Weasel Stomping Day

    There just aren’t words. You stayed up with me one April night, five years ago. I often wonder if I’d still be here if you hadn’t made sure I was okay before you let me log out.

    There’s no way I can ever, ever repay you for the last twelve years. And you are made that much more by me knowing that that’s not why you’ve done it, anyway.

    I can only hope that I continue to bring you some amount of the joy you bring me. There was never any doubt who I wanted at my side when I got married.

    I love you. Always did, even before I realized it.

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