As you may or may not be aware, kitanzi and I are planning on moving into a new apartment. We’ve been wanting to for some time, as the place we are living in currently is, while not exactly cramped, lacking in several features that we’d really like to have in our place to live. For one thing, it lacks a proper guest room, as those of you who have stayed with us over the years will know. It’s also really too small to have more than a couple of friends over a time, precluding us from ever, say, hosting a house filk or having any kind of gathering more than a very small group. Plus, to be honest, we’ve not been very happy with our current property management.

It’s funny, but when I sat down and figured it out, I’ve been at this address for longer than any place I’ve lived since I became an independent adult. I resist change, for good or ill. I like my comfortable routines. But it’s definitely time to take that step. When I first moved into this apartment, my life was very different. I had been sleeping on telynor‘s living room couch for 3 months after breaking up with deidrecorwyn, and was preparing myself to live alone for the first time ever. kitanzi and I had just started dating, but we were long-distance secondaries and there wasn’t any real though that that state of affairs would change. I spent a great deal of time in this cavernous empty apartment feeling lonely and isolated — not yet comfortable exploring my newly won freedom.

There’s a lot of memories packed into these 750 square feet. More memories than you’d imagine five and a half years could contain. I’m looking forward to spending the next year filling our new place with memories as well.