Actually, the new Aphelion was posted back on June 2, but since I was in the full blossom of my recent illness at the time, I just got it up and went back to bed. But there it is.

Of possible interest to my friends list in particular:

  • Part Three of “On The Corner of Galaxy and Fifth”, the novel Jeff Williams (hejira2006) and I wrote together back in 1998.
  • My review of Mary Crowell’s new CD, Courting My Muse, plus lyrics to “Magnus Retail” in the Poetry & Filk Music section.
  • Becky Kletnieks’s hysterically funny “With Great Boyfriends Comes Great Responsibilities”, which appeared last month in her LiveJournal and she allowed me to reprint. 🙂

    Plus, of course, lots of original short fiction and poetry by a bunch of other people, and an engaging forum of amatuer writers where you can talk about those stories.

    Aphelion Webzine, as always, is found at