Had a marvelously relaxing weekend.

Friday night, we drove down to Sandy Springs to meet up with zencuppa and waltzr, who were in town for a dance event. We ate at Mirage, a Persian restaurant that happyfunpaul and I discovered while waiting for his train on his last visit to us a couple of years ago. I had been promising to take kitanzi ever since, and zencuppa and waltzr suggested they liked ethnic foods, so we decided it would be a perfect time. We were not disappointed. Kit and i started by splitting a plate of dolmeh, succulant grape leaves stuffed with rice, onions, and raisins, while Andrea opted for the ash-e-anar, a pomegranate soup that looked nearly thick enough to eat with a fork. We then all went for lamb dishes. Kit, Andrea and I each ordered the barreh kabogs with a side of shirin polo that was spilling off the plate, while Jim went for, I believe, rack of lamb with a side of baghala polo. Everything was absolutely delicious, and the conversation was even better. After stuffing ourselves to the brim with good food, we sent them off to their dances and headed home for the night.

Saturday, we went down the street to Massage Envy to spend an hour being professionally de-stressed. This was intended to be part of kitanzi‘s birthday present last week, but a last minute scheduling problem caused us to relocate the appointment for Saturday morning. I walked out, as always, feeling much more relaxed and happy than I went in. I believe I could stand to spend an hour every day on that table, though my wallet would not thank me for it. After the massages, we popped over to Cracker Barrel for a large and satisfying lunch, and then back home.

Sunday, our friend Alice came over for brunch, and we had a good time over several hours chatting about all manner of things. I always enjoy when she comes over, because she always has interesting things to talk about. (Brunch, since this started as a foodblog post, was “impossible pie” made with sausage, apples, and cinnamon, along with a side salad of mozzarella cheese, tomatoes, and pears seasoned with balsamic vinegar. Afterwards was strawberries and whipped cream with spiced angelfood cake. I did nothing; it was all kitanzi.

Over dinner, we finally caught up with NBC’s Heroes. Oh. My. God. This show juts keeps getting better and better. I’m looking forward to the season finale just to see how it all ends. (And I hope that the current arc does end definitively — or at least as definitively as a comic book story ever does. I’d hate to see this turn into another Lost or X-Files.) This most recent episode proved that the series has not yet lost its capacity to surprise me, and every episode seems to leave us watching the fade to black and saying “Whoa.”

So, what did you do fun with your weekend?