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Appeal for assistance on behalf of a serviceman in need.

davehogg posts over in his LJ:

Angie and I have a dear pair of friends – R&S. Rob just got back from his third overseas tour of duty in the Air National Guard, his second to Iraq. Last month, a non-profit group that helps military families in this situation made their mortgage payment … and the check bounced.

This has left them in a very ugly financial situation.

So, we are having the first Virtual Arts, Crafts and Bake Sale.

If you donate $10, S will send you a plate of brownies.

For $20, I’ll send you an 8×10 of any picture on my Flickr page.

Want a picture taken of something/someone specific? Want your picture taken with Spark? Want to babysit Britt? Want to do Angie’s math homework? Feel free to make us an offer!

[EDIT: To do this as quickly as possible, you can send the money to my PayPal account, which is my davehogg at ATT dot net.]

If you have a few spare dollars to throw that way, go leave a comment to Dave’s entry. I’d appreciate it if you did.

(I know some folks are reluctant to donate to random appeals like this, because they have no way to know if the people involved are on the level. Well, presumably you know me, and I know and trust davehogg, who is aiela‘s fiancé.)


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  1. Thank you, darling. I’ll probably be posting a few pieces of beaded jewelry at some point, as well.

  2. Um… I’m obviously missing something here, which is why the family would’ve needed help to make their mortgage payment in the first place? Didn’t he get paid if he was working, whether overseas or at home?
    I’m now wondering why anyone would work for anything even remotely US military and consent to go to war zones if they don’t even get paid… colour me thoroughly confused and wondering what I’m missing.

    • Despite the fact that it’s illegal, in this time of war, lots of companies are resistant to hiring Guardspeople because they know they’re going to get called up. Rob has had a hard time finding a job for the last few years because he’s been called up three times, and companies find veiled excuses not to hire him.

      Rob is several years away from his 20 year retirement point, and reupped the last time because he felt it was a great disservice to his family to give up a military pension. He’s been ANG for years, and believes in serving his country, just not in this war. Both he and his wife are active, vocal members of Military Families Against the War and have been doing all they can to have their voices heard.

      I could get into the frustration of the war calling up Guardspeople who are specifically supposed to be serving our country Stateside and sending them overseas, but that’s a rant I don’t have time for right now.

      Yes, he got paid for the time he was overseas. Struggling to find work when he was -here- put them behind.

      • Ah. Um. Ok. I don’t grok the US military system at all… See, I was thinking he’d be paid, if he’s military, whether he’s serving overseas or at home. I gather the “called-up” thing refers to him either being a reservist or something, and thus not paid when not on duty (in which case… WHY are they sending reservists to a warzone??) or something else weird (to me) about the way things work.

        I don’t understand “reupped”, but yes, it sounds like people in his/their position are badly treated. That’s definitely discriminatory on the hiring front. Thank you for explaining the pay situation, I understand that now.

        • Yeah, I realized later that was what was unclear -- he’s a reservist. And yes, they’re calling up reservists and sending them into war zones.

          Which, to me, is absolutely ridiculous when it comes to National Guard, because the entire point of the National Guard is to, well, do things locally. Not get shipped halfway around the world. Their purpose is to do things Stateside.

          “Reupped” is being used to mean when he resigned up for another — I think it’s 4 years of service. Once he has twenty years of combined active duty and reserve time, he will get a military pension, and that will be a huge help financially to his family.

          • Ah, yes, that makes things clearer yet again. Except for the bit where they’re sending reservists of forces meant to do stuff locally into war zones, which so doesn’t make any sense to me… but then, I know veryvery little about anything military in the first place & next to nothing about US miltary…

            Kudos to him for thinking of his family, although I wonder if it’s worth it… otoh, too late for another road now, what’s present has to be coped with somehow. Kudos to you all for helping. I’ll see if my paypal account still works & I can figure it out again…

            And thank you again for further explanation.

          • One of many sad things about this current mess the US finds itself in is that the US military is very low on servicemen and women. As ACat notes, the military doesn’t pay worth a damn. So the president (he’s not mine, I didn’t vote for him) has NatGuard being called up to fight a war in another country. And these folks don’t have the proper stuff, either. On top of all that, TPTB don’t want to treat people who have been injured in the war zones. Can’t find the link at the moment, but it was depressing reading.

            I’m not for this, but if one wants to fight a war, one needs a properly-supplied military with lots of warm bodies, which means lots of funding by the gov, and the re-instatement of the draft.

            And very little of the training the military gives one is useful in the outside world. Paying for college is a help, though.

    • In addition to what has said, it’s worth noting that while servicemen are paid, their pay is usually less, and often much less, than they could make working in the private sector.

  3. Donating To Random Appeals

    You know, that doesn’t bother me at all. I do it a few times a year. Sometimes I just get a polite thank you, sometimes I get added to a newsletter (the Discordian lady fighting for custody of her daughter) and sometimes I meet really, really cool people and we become friends.

    And since it’s through PayPal, it’s about as safe as dropping a dollar in the Salvation Army pan without the sense of remorse for supporting a vile organization while I’m helping an individual pay for Christmas.

    (I followed your sig at alt.poly to your blog. I have to tell you, I was feeling really crappy when I got up and, while I’m still not totally excited about life, at least I’m giggling)

    • Re: Donating To Random Appeals

      Well, I hope you’ll consider dropping a bit in this pan. It’ll definately be appreciated.

      And welcome. I’m glad I have at at least brightened someone’s day today. 🙂

      • Re: Donating To Random Appeals

        Did that before I posted here. 😀 Wasn’t much. But I’m studying for my Real Estate license and this time next year I hope to be able to be much more helpful when folks need it. (I already work in a real estate office, just been dragging my feet about the license as I really love my job and it will take me away from it.)

  4. We are intending to send something, we just have to wait for PayPal to do some sort of confirm thing. After all, we military people have to stick together.

  5. Uh, what is the non-profit? Someone needs to investigate them. Call the BBB or that national charity rating board. Check bouncing is a really BAD thing. They could loss their n-p status.

    I don’t do paypal, but I’ll give Acat some money to send along.

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