Gwnewch y pethau bychain


Today is the day we in the US exercise our civic responsibility to go and vote. If you haven’t already, please make the time to do so.

I actually requested and mailed an absentee ballot, so my vote is already taken care of, which is good because today has shaped up to be utterly sucktastic. So far this morning:

-couldn’t find my keys, which turned out to be in my jacket pocket.
-finally got out the door, got the to gas station, couldn’t find credit card
-drove home, couldn’t find card, eventually discovered it in my wallet (?!?)
-noticed on way back out the door giant bolt embedded in tire
-got gas, got to work 20 minutes late.
-will have flat tire by lunchtime, no doubt.
-no idea about lunch now, since plan had been to go home. kitanzi is going to bring me lunch. I have the best wife ever.

Hope your day is going better. And if you’re in the United States, go vote. It’s important.


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  1. *huggles* -- I miss you on chat, I can’t wait until my computer at work is fixed *sigh*

  2. p.s. Like you icon

  3. I’m sorry you day is, as you say, sucktastic. *pat pat* feel better…

    I am wearing my sticker proudly!

  4. Yup, planning on voteing after work. The polling place is a 5 minute walk from my house so I realy have no excuse not to vote.

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