Gwnewch y pethau bychain

Six word story

So the meme going around town today is complete stories in six words. Fun! (Ganked from *everyone*)

Can’t buy me love. Leasing’s fine.


Back from OVFF


NEW SONG: Aural Vixation


  1. Burn it down, bored office workers!

    (BTW, turn down your music, willya? It’s the only thing I can hear! *G*)

  2. In hell. Wish you were here.

  3. Or, as James Michener once said, in six words, I can’t even say hello (actually he said six pages, but whatever). Yes, that’s eight words. That’s the point [g].

  4. George Couldn’t Count?

    o/~ This song is just six words long. ~\o

    Ann O. (:-/

    • For The Record

      Uh, George could indeed count. It was Weird Al who seemingly couldn’t count. And Ann who couldn’t separate parody from original until hearing the original on the radio yesterday.

      Ann O.

  5. Button pushed. World ended. So sad.

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