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LJ anniversary meme

Meme snared from radiantbaby and baiku:

Look through your LJ calendar and post an entry from this day (or the nearest day with an entry) for all the years you’ve had a livejournal. If all your entries that day are dull, I give you license to look at 2 days either side.

As I often posted sporadically, here’s the NEAREST post to the date in question, regardless of dullness, if there isn’t a post within +/- 2 days:

August 22, 2005: Handicraft House of Horror

Saw this on alt.poly, and know enough people who are on my flist who do handcrafts but don’t read a.p. that might enjoy this:

“We’ve all seen those craft projects. Projects that look like the cat barfedon a lace doily, or that make one suspect that they were designed by a colourblind gibbon on LSD. Projects that say “good taste went thataway”. Yeah. Those craft projects. Well, here’s where they all cometo die. Enjoy the hideousness, folks. And let this be an example to you.”

August 19, 2004: Surfacing

So, there I went disappearin’ again. Sometimes, I don’t update oftenbecause I haven’t got anything to say. Other times, not so much. Thelonger I let things go, the more I feel like I have to write a book tocatch up, which triggers my avoidant tendancies. So I’m not gonna writeabout the family reunion trip way back in July, or going up to the North Georgia Celtic Festival on August 1. Those links have pictures go, so that’s worth a few thousand words.

August 6th is the day most of you want to hear about. That’s the day that [info]kitanzi and I went down to the Fulton County courthouse to get married, with [info]maedbh7 and [info]telynor along to witness the affair.

Theceremony itself was a bit surreal. We wanted this to be as low-key aspossible, in order to avoid the various headaches that proper weddingswould entail, but even so, I was bemused at the process. We arriveddowntown at a bit after noon, and well before the 2:30pm start time, sowe wandered down into Underground Atlanta for some lunch at Mick’s. Fedand fortified, we made our way over to Pryor Street and up to thesecond floor. There was almost a problem over my camera, since it couldbe used as a recording device, which aren’t allowed in the courthouseas a rule, but they let me keep it.

We waited outside thecourtroom with a few other couples who had shown up. there were onlyabout 8 folks waiting outside, so at first I thought this was going tobe a small and quick affair. But once the doors opened, people keptfiling in. And filing in. And filing in. They eventually moved thespectators over to the Jury box as all the benches were full up withfolks wanting to get married. Once everyone was seated, the DourBailiff and the Court Clerk went over the rules, and then had us allshuffle up to sign the register. [info]kitanzi and I were couple 25, and somewhere in the middle, so there must have been 40-50 couples there.

Oncewe were all resituated, the judge came out and said a few words. Atfirst, I was a bit alarmed that the couples themselves were going to beasked to say some words of their own, but thankfully, that wasn’t thecase, or we might still be there. It still took a while, but keptourselves entertained, between people watching, making faces at [info]maedbh7 and [info]telynorover in the jury box, and idle conversation. (Amusement for thepolyfolk reading: While waiting to be called up, Kit turns to me andsays, “So, are you and X ever going to have that date you keep gettingput off?” “Dunno, depends on her schedule, doesn’t it?”)

Atlast, it was our turn. Being a civil ceremony, the vows were nice andsimple: Do you, person1, take person2 to be your lawfully weddedhusband|wife? I answered “Without hesitation”, and she said”absolutely”, and we went back to sit down. Once everyone had gonethrough this, rings were exchanged (though I still don’t haveone…hard to find them in my size “off the rack”, and we can’t budgetpermenant custom rings until after Worldcon, but the ring we found forKit looks wonderful on her finger.

And so we walked out into the Atlanta sun as husband and wife.

We had a thought to walk over to the Westin Peachtree for a drink in the skylounge, but [info]telynordidn’t want to walk that far, so we headed instead up to Sandy Springsto browse about the Phoenix and Dragon bookstore, and then back up tothe apartment briefly before heading out to dinner at Ichiban forhabachi and sushi with [info]maedbh7, [info]telynor, [info]tarkraiand his kids. T. and the kids were passing through town on the way backto Michigan from Florida, and unfortunately had to spend far more timehere than they intended, due to some car troubles. But it was nice tosee them the brief period that we did.

So there you have it, the tale of [info]kitanzi and [info]autographedcat and how they went and got themselves married on a Friday afternoon. Here’s some pictures. Y’all enjoy.

August 18, 2003: Delightfully Wrong

One of the things I love to collect is odd covers of songs. The more strange the better. Thanks to [info]gridlore, I have a new item in my collection:

A Bluegrass version of “Scotland The Brave”

August 21, 2002: This is New York. We’ll find a place to dance…

John M. Ford wrote this stunning poem about September 11. Go read it. Now.

“110 Stories” by John M. Ford

August 21, 2001: Just another funny timewaster

My friend Kitanzi sent me this:



Five things You Should Be Paying Attention To


You remind me of a very young Steven Spielberg…


  1. The wedding story is still sweet, in its own minimalist way.

  2. I love that in ’01, was “friend”.
    And, in ’04 you posted about your wedding. It is so sweet! *beam*

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