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Testing a new client

Since sdorn mentioned it, I thought I’d take a look at the Windows Live Writer.  So far, I can see where people who use multiple blog services would like it, but as a Livejournal client, it seems to be lacking a bit.

I may play with it a while, but I’m not so far thinking it’ll replace SeMagic. For one thing, it doesn’t seem to have the options for specific LJ stuff like current music, mood, or usericons.  Then again, I’ve only given it a cursory inspection.

EDIT: It doesn’t support LJ tags either. That doesn’t make it extremly useful in my mind for a Livejournal client. Too bad, it’s got a nice streamlined feel to it.


Just my luck..


Social weekends


  1. Music: Jim Croce -- I Have To Say I Love You In A Song

    God, I love Jim Croce. I’m gonna break out the JC and JT and JD now that I’m here in my new home and have a festival of my favorite 70’s songwriter goodness, I think 😉

    • Alright, pretty sure that the first to would be Jim Croce and James Taylor. JD is John Denver? 🙂

      Just checking. Be sure to mix some Harry Chapin and Al Stewart in there.

      • Mmm. Yes, JD is John Denver 😉 Sorry, I was a kid in the Rockies in the 70’s -- can’t be helped. Very good! You win a cookie 😉

        And you’re right, Harry Chapin and Al Stewart need to roll right in there. Mmmm.

        • No need to apologize for John Denver. He’s a fine, fine songwriter.

          • Indeed he is -- when I was a little girl and my father was in grad school, we’d sit in his study and listen to John Denver for hours. When I grew up (and shortly before JD’s untimely death), John Denver came to Milwaukee, and I took my dad to go see him as a gift. It was still the best concert I’ve ever been to -- really amazing.

  2. I have to admit I’ve always been confused by LJ clients anyway. Is there an added special something that I’m missing out on by just posting via the LJ website?

    • A good client can do a lot of things that the website doesn’t offer. It’s often a better editing environment, for one, and has a more intuitive spell-check. If you care about the Current Music field and are playing an mp3 on the computer you are posting from, many clients will auto-detect the track information and insert it for you. Most clients have tools to make inserting links and images easier for people who don’t natively think in HTML. (I admit that this last feature isn’t one I tend to use, since I can often write the raw tags faster than I can use whatever combination of menus and keystrokes is required to engage the function, but even then, its sometimes useful to be able to back over a post once written and just highlight words or phrases, click “Insert Link”, and have that text wrapped with the anchor tags automagically).

      In sort, an LJ client gives you absolutely nothing you NEED, but can in many ways make the experience more pleasant.

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