Gwnewch y pethau bychain

One more link for the night

Thanks to kobold, I’ve now seen the weirdest thing I’m likely to tonight.

The Ultimate Showdown

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  1. Ok the movie was … just weird. Ed: “Lose the rap crap while I still have some respect for you!”

    However, “Richard Thompson and David Byrne -- Traces of My Love” um… tell me that isn’t the old song “Faded Photographs…” That sounds incredibly weird and you are my cover song god!!!

    • Heh. Funny. I went to check, and found out that not only was it not the song you were thinking of, it wasn’t the song in the title either. On the CD cover it’s labeled as “Traces of My Love”, but it was actually “King of Bohemia”.

  2. Weird in a good way -- hurts in all the right places… :o))

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