Gwnewch y pethau bychain

Memage from celticdragonfly

Google your name with the phrase “looks like.” Be sure to put it in quotation marks like “Joe Bob looks like”

  • Rob looks like he doesn’t want to play anymore.
  • Rob looks like Cedric to me because in the promotional photos
  • Rob looks like he’s carrying.
  • Rob looks like he is saying, “What is that thing on your lip?”
  • Rob looks like John Cusack in seedy overdrive
  • Rob looks like a member of N’Sync.
  • Rob looks like he’s lost a bit of weight since the last public appearance he and Amber made
  • Rob looks like he’s about to cry when his mom comes out.
  • Rob looks like an elf
  • Rob looks like him, and a few of the moms in the playground get tongue tied when he’s around.


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  1. Wow, I feel original -- it came up with nothing for me :).

  2. Just who is this Amber person hmmm?

    Also, just why are those moms tongue tied, that’s what I want to know! I mean… ok, yes, I’m a mom and… never mind. (grin)


  3. BTW my favorite in a quick glance for “mew” was
    Mew looks like she’s some sort of cat god on an altar. (ok, yes, it was actually ‘he’ but…)

  4. …apparently, I don’t look like anything at all. I am the invisible blonde!

  5. Tried using my full name and got nothing, tried again with just my first name and got:

    Kay looks like she’s ready to tear Charity to pieces.
    Kay looks like a cross between Tommy Lee & a So Cal skater.
    Kay looks like she’s crying tears of joy!
    Kay looks like Peta Wilson (Nikita)
    Kay looks like Mother Teresa.
    Kay looks like she’s rolling a joint.

    Kay suspects Google has been smoking a joint or two… 🙂

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