Gwnewch y pethau bychain

Return of the Catalogue of Improbable Gifts

I keep saying I’m going to collect all of these onto a webpage someday.

Courtesy of autifon, the most interesting knife holder I’ve seen:

Available here.


It’s Meme-time


Thank you, good night, and may your God go with you


  1. First thought that crossed my mind: “Oh no, somebody knifed the AOL guy!”

    Second thought: “Of course, it should be yellow for that…”

    Third thought: “Of course, with that many knives stuck in him…”

  2. Someone had to say it:

    He’s dead, Jim.

  3. I want one. bad.

  4. You DO know that my birthday is icumen in, right? 😉

  5. that would be the perfect add on to my happy little horrorific home i think.
    yes i must own it

  6. I’m vaguely disturbed. Even though I have one of the sickest senses of humor of anybody I know, I don’t think I’d want one of those in my home.

  7. Holy Im-Personal Technology, Batman!

  8. It’s been floating around LJ after Gizmodo posted about it. Worth noting: It’s not actually *available* there. It’s an art catalogue of unique pieces. It’s not being sold.

    • Hrm. Are you sure it’s not being sold? The link I put above is to the manufacturer’s page, and they don’t actually have it for sale, but they do list a number of distributors around the world.

      At any rate, it’s still six kinds of nifty. 🙂

      • I’m not entirely sure, no. That was the explanation provided in the Gizmodo article that seemed to be what kicked off the craze for the thing, but I don’t know Italian well enough to verify it. If it *is* for sale, that’d be a cool thing. Because you’re right about the niftiness. 😉

  9. That is just so wrong. But so very cool!

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