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Month: March 2005

Amusing Meme

I have a long list of questions from various of you to answer. In the mean time, I found this over aj_raffles way and it amused me, so….

If my friends list were a fandom…
A) Who would the ‘shippers pair me with?
B) Who would the slashers pair me with?
C) What would a Mary Sue in my fandom be like OR who is mostly likely to be turned into canon!Sue?
D) When did I/when will I jump the shark? (Which is to ask, “When did I/will I become crap and cease to be interesting?”
E) Write a summary of the story that would win the Best Fanfic Award in my fan

Asshaberdashery run amok

There are times I wish that a country such as the UK or Canada would offer asylum for “intellectual refugees”, who are seeking to escape the increasingly absurd morons proliferating around them.

I direct you first to a story in the Independent Florida Alligator, about a bill introduced into the state legislature that would set “a statewide standard that students cannot be punished for professing beliefs with which their professors disagree. Professors would also be advised to teach alternative ‘serious academic theories’ that may disagree with their personal views.”

Yesterday, CNN reported thatmany IMAX theatres, especially in the southeast were refusing to air a feature titled “Volcanoes of the Deep Sea” because it might offend certain religious people because of its references to evolution.

“We’ve got to pick a film that’s going to sell in our area. If it’s not going to sell, we’re not going to take it,” said Lisa Buzzelli, director of an IMAX theater in Charleston that is not showing the movie. “Many people here believe in creationism, not evolution.”

Good grief.

Thank you, good night, and may your God go with you

Irish comedian Dave Allen, famed for his TV routines as he perched on a stool with drink and cigarette in hand, has died in his sleep aged 68

North Carolina Public Television ran Dave Allen At Large sometime in the late 70s or early 80s, and I was instantly taken by his humour. I’ve listed him as one of my favourite comedians for years, usually to blank stares.

God bless, Dave. I hope when you meet God, you find that you were right: she *does* have a sense of humour.

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