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I’ve always wanted a pet koala, if only so I could name it “Lumpur”. 🙂


Falling off the face of the earth


Catching Up, Part the Second


  1. You are a very sillly person. 🙂

  2. *thwap* Or a llama, so you could name it Dalai, perhaps?

  3. That is a poor Koalaty joke, Rob.

  4. eek!

    Koalas are cute but they’re actually vicious wee bastards that will just as soon claw your face off as look at you. Get a good close up picture of one and check out those claws!

    In related news, I once rescued a tiny little kitten. At time to name her, I said it was either going to be “Cat Five” or “Script Kitty”. Some debate followed, and I wound up naming her “Five”. =)

    • Re: eek!

      *grin* I actually knew that. Hung out with a very cute girl from Australia one of the years I went to the International Thespian Society Festival in Muncie, IN….eek, almost 20 years ago. Someone brought up thinking koala’s were cute, and she nearly spit out her coke from laughing. “Oh, sure, they look cute in photos. Don’t let ’em fool you. Horrible little buggers. They bite, they scratch, they piss all over you. Right pests is what they are.”

      She then proceeded to tell a string of “dead koala” jokes.

      wish I’d kept up with her address. Lovely lass.

  5. There’s a reason my bouzouki (actually an octave mandolin, but let’s not get technical) is named Jolene. And no, she’s not pink nor did she cost a penny a piece 🙂

  6. Unfortunately, an awful lot of people do get exotic pets on a whim, for no better reason than the above. The animals get abused and neglected, people get hurt now and then, and laws get passed that keep the people who are willing and able to take proper care of exotics from having them. People lose the chance to have positive contact with real animals, so they don’t have the motivation to fight to save them, and soon they’ll all be gone.

    If you ever want to get an animal for a joke, please make sure it’s a stuffed animal.

  7. Then I could have my cat Leonora cloned — twice — so that I could have cats named “Leonora No. 2” and “Leonora No. 3”.

  8. Did you know …

    … that in a small Australian town, “Merci Dieu”, named by the French trappers that found the oasis there (in the middle of the desert, french trappers, not the sharpest tool in the toolbox!) they shave their koala bears?

    Aside from being “Bear Naked”, they use the fur to make a festive brew around this time of year, it is consumed in great quantities but, and this is the important part, the fur must be left in the mug as you’re drinking the beverage, because (and you knew this was coming), the koala tea of Merci is not strained”

    • Re: Did you know …

      Ah, but that’s not proper tea. Proper tea can’t be bought, because as we know proper tea is theft. As is some German cake, one UK filker gave proper tea and received stollen goods…

  9. There’s actually a Koala Lumpur game that I think features a koala of that name.

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