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Low-key Weekend

Thanks for all of the well-wishes the other day. I had quite seriously run out of cope, but it was all work-related stress which seems to have abated. This is a short week, as on Thursday we will fly to Boston for my first-ever Worldcon!

telynor went to fetch khaosworks from Athens on Friday so we could get him to a guitar store and see about getting his Baby Taylor repaired. We had a good time hanging out with him and geeking about City of Heroes, though I’m sure G. got tired of hearing about it *grin*.

Saturday, we hung around the house for most of the day, and then went to the Phoenix and Dragon Bookstore for the CD release party of Three Weird Sisters second album, “Hair of the Frog”. The place was jam-packed with people, and I was especially pleased to see the lovely quadrivium, who was, everyone found out, joining the band. The band played through the first half of the album or so, then broke up for snacks and a benefit auction. Somewhere during that break, I began to feel more and more “oversocialized”, and so kitanzi, khaosworks and I drove back up to Alpharetta and didn’t hear the second half of the concert. I did get a lot of pictures from the first half, though, and I’ll have those posted tonight.

Sunday was mostly a sit around the house and play CoH all day kind of day. We met a couple of really nice folks over in Terra Volta, and the five of us (me, kit, our friend don, and the two new folks) ripped through huge swaths of Freakshow there, racking up an impressive amount of XP. At one point, we were standing contemplating a group which was purple to me (In the context of the game, purple means “way above your level in difficulty). The group said “um, are you sure about that?” and I said “Hey, it’s only debt” and dove in. 60 seconds later, only we were standing. Great group, which I hope to reconvene for more XP hunting.:)

telynor came over about 8pm and we watched the DVD of “Ella Enchanted” that she had given us. It’s a really cute movie which plays with a lot of the “turning fairy tale conventions on their heads” ideas that the “Shrek” movies do. I think Shrek did them a bit better, but this was still a charming bit of fluff, and Anne Hatheway is a lovely young lady who projects a real personality (no mean feat), and I think has a long career in front of her.

The next few days will be spent getting ready to go to Boston. I promise to try and update more often as I start to pull out of the major work-stresses that have been consuming all my attention lately.


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  1. *snuggles*

    Items are on their way to you both, but will not arrive before Thursday. *snugs* -H…

  2. If you get a few moments here in Boston, give a ring.

  3. *HUGS!* It was so good to see you/hug you and ! I am especially looking forward to WorldCon. I’ve tried to keep from being overloaded with stuff there so I can actually hang with ya’ll some and see a few Bostonian sights (or at least restaurants). Saturday is slightly dicey in the afternoon, but other than that I think I’ve managed it.

  4. it was nice to see you guys, even though i overdid it. least i was able to find a seat for the 2nd half.

  5. O Boston-bound one… is there a chance I’ll get to see you this time?

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