Gwnewch y pethau bychain

Several things making me happy today

First of all, happy birthday wishes to my partner-in-crime, fleetfootmike!

Second of all, I get to go pick up maedbh7 from the train station in about an hour!

Third of all, elynne pointed me at this lovely parody. (telynor will especially enjoy this one, I think.)

Fourth of all, I’m getting married tomorrow! Wheee!






  1. Many many congratulations to you 🙂

    What time is the ceremony? I know many of us will want to take time at that moment to think of you and your bride and to send lots of loving thoughts your way.

    It is so wonderful to see how happy you are now as opposed to when I first met you. L is a very wonderful woman and you are both incredibly lucky to have found each other.



  2. Happy almost wedding day! And, happy Sweetie Day also! (Which is what and I call it when we get to actually see a sweetie that we don’t get to see all the time.)

    Hug H. for us both. Heck, take a hug or three for you and L. also. 🙂


  3. Congrats! I hope tomorrow is a splendid day for you!

  4. So very happy for you both! 🙂

  5. Wish I could be there with you guys. 🙂

  6. Tomorrow’s the day! Looking forward to seeing the pictures!

    (And as to that post you linked…I know people who NEED to see that)

  7. Congratulations! May your union be blessed.

  8. Congratulations! And, if I may quote Bill & Ted: “Be Excellent To Each Other”.
    ** Hugs**, M.

  9. Wishing you and your love(s) many more years of joy together, and a special, lovely day tomorrow as you and L formally pledge yourselves to each other in front of loving witnesses.

    Looking forward to seeing you (at least briefly, I hope!), when I come down in mid-October (yes, well **before** OVFF).

    *HUGS* to you and

  10. Much love and happiness to you both, luv. *Big hugs!!!!*

  11. Love and happiness, and health and prosperity to both of you! Wish I could be there for the wedding, but maybe will make it for one of the anniversary parties…..

  12. o/~
    We wish you a happy wedding.
    We wish you a happy wedding.
    We wish you a happy wedding
    And a fine honeymoon.

    Ann O. & Chosen One.

  13. Goodness and happiness to you both!

  14. Best wishes for a long, happy future together.

  15. To and :

    Good luck, best wishes, mazel tov, congratulations . . .

    Many many blessings on your Big Day, and a wonderful life together for years and years to come!

  16. Mazel tov, congratulations, and a big ol’ whoopie! Have a great day; may it launch a thousand laughs, a million hugs, and a lifetime of love for you both!

  17. May you have a happy hockey honeymoon [in or out of a town south of us]!

    [The hockey team in the town of Macon, Georgia is called, and I kid you not, the Macon Whoopee. {weg}]

  18. Congratulations again! *bigbighug* to you both…

  19. If i make it to the beer festival by then I shall raise a glass to the occasion. Congratulations to you both

  20. Congrats and many hugs from Canada!!!!!!!!!!


  21. Congrats from your fellow pair of newlyweds!

  22. Congratulations, and best wishes for many years of happiness together! Hope you’re at least half as happy as and I are. 🙂

  23. Hope everything went well! 🙂

    (Don’t worry, we’re not expecting updates until after the honeymoon 🙂 )

  24. And a major Mazel Tov to you both -- congratulations!

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