Gwnewch y pethau bychain

Falling Into a Black Hole

That’s what I seem to have done this month. I had mean to write a bit about the family reunion back on July 4th, and about playing City Of Heroes and about myriad other things that have been going on, but I really just have been in “avoidance” mode lately, and I’m not sure why.

Not just avoiding here, either. I was politely informed by a mutual friend that someone I love deeply thought I was neglecting her becuase I had been so out of touch. The last two weeks, especially, I’ve been in a bit of a funk, and mostly being antisocial.

So, apologies on the absense. I’ll try and be here more.

Yesterday turned into an unexpectedly busy day. I was on my way back from our data centre where I was reinstalling the OS on a server, when I got a call from kitanzi indicating that she found out if we wanted to get married next friday at the courthouse, we had to have our license arranged at least 24 hours *before*. So I took a long lunch and we ran down to the courthouse to file for that. We now have a marriage license, and on August 6th, at approximately 2:30pm, we will officially be married.

Picked up telynor from the train station after work, and got her safely to our home. We’ll have her as a guest for a few days. It’s really lovely to see her.

I started this entry with a notion to say something or another, but I appear to just be rambling, so I’ll sign off now. Hope all of you are wonderful!


And now, here’s something you’ll REALLY like…




  1. WOW, your marriage is really soon now!
    Wish you good luck with getting papers ready, getting there, saying the right word, etc…and a long happy life together after!

  2. Gah! It sounds so odd to just casually pick up a license and go down to the courthouse on a Friday afternoon…. (Who knows why I’m having trouble getting my head around that concept -- I just have it set in my head that weddings must necessarily be large involved hassles with 100s of relatives to organize, and halls and churches and food and….)

    Anyway, congratulations and good luck!

    • That is exactly what we are premediatedly refusing to have happen. 🙂

      • “premediatedly”

        Dropped a letter, a ‘c’ maybe? [eg]

        Weddings come in all sorts of sizes, from a quickie in a Las Vegas *chapel* with 2 (?) strangers / chapel
        employees as witnesses up to massive extravaganzas that are world-wide media events. Chosen One and I
        were married in the dining room of our apartment by a Justice of the Peace. A maximum of 40 relatives
        and friends were in attendance. Chosen One’s mom mostly did the catering. We honeymooned for a week at a
        house-keeping cabin in Maine, went back to work and got on with our lives.

        Ann O.

    • Well, at least we’re being traditional and going the whole nine yards… 😎

      (as I pause to breathe between synagogue services this morning and the out-of-town guests dinner tonight…)

    • Yeah, my future father-in-law had it set in his head, too. We’re quite purposely avoiding all of that. 🙂

  3. Dahlink, I’m always wonderful!

    (hey, made ya chuckle…)

  4. Cave time

    Hey, it’s okay to go into the cave and stay there a few days. Just come out every once in a while, ok? *hugs*

  5. Glad to hear from you. Hope both of your weeks are as blissful and streefree as possible.

  6. Congratulations on your nuptuals. I hope they went as planned and with zero hitches.

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