Gwnewch y pethau bychain

I love maps like this

A Californian’s View of the United States




Clicky thing!


  1. Another map, opposite perspective

    Looking from the other side of the States, this one is a classic:

    The New Yorker's View of the United States

    • Re: Another map, opposite perspective

      I’ve seen a parody of that poster based on Boston. Personally I think the average Bostonian’s map is marked “Here be Dragons” outside I-495.

      • Re: Another map, opposite perspective

        Seen that one, too. As well as the one from Texas, New Jersey (IIRC) and California (also IIRC). There were a whole slew of them after this one, but I believe this is the first of its sort.

        That the California one ACat offered is funny too shows that there’s lots of paydirt left in this mine.

  2. Oh man that makes me giggle. The state of Seattle! The Mississippi! *snorf* 😀 It should be marked “Here Be Dragons” through Death Valley and the Midwest, though. ;D

  3. What? That’s not right?

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