Gwnewch y pethau bychain

Adventures in newspeek

The following conversation occurred on #filkhaven this morning.

Gwenzilla boggles at a mailing list message.
<Gwenzilla> I have never seen anybody spell “library” with a “y”.
<Gwenzilla> Lybrary.
Gwenzilla> WTF?
<Gwenzilla> Am I just too pedantic? I mean, how could someone possibly think it might be spelled that way?
<phydeaux_work> Are they being silly, offhand?
<phydeaux_work> I know I used to have an “evylle grynne”
<phydeaux_work> But that was deliberate
phydeaux_work is amazed nobody’s yet called me on the grammatical error in my LJ “me in a box” posting
<doc> perhaps yt’s an ardent feminist womyn who has determymed that the letter “I” is a tool of the patryarchy and must be removed from all wryting to enure true equalyty?
Gwenzilla twitches.
<phydeaux_work glares at doc
<doc> or a new ager who thynks that usyng y for i makes it look more eldrytch and ancyent?
<phydeaux_work> femynyst, dude
<doc> oops. myssed yt. do you know how hard yt ys to wryte thys way?
<phydeaux_work> Y have a slyght ydea
<phydeaux_work> Gwen: Perhaps they misspelled lye-brary, after reading too much of HL Mencken’s caustic humor
Gwenzilla aies.
<doc> now, yf thei’re preppi new agers, thei wyll not onli replace the i with y, but vyce versa.
<doc> thys ys almost as bad as l33t speek 🙂
<phydeaux_work> Owys! That makes mi brayn ache!
Gwenzilla readies the knife.
<phydeaux_work> Y thynk Y’ll go and get miself some more tea ynstead


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  1. When iou look back on yt lyke thys, yt realli looks rather sylli, doesn’t yt?

  2. Why do I have to work? I miss all the fun stuff. *G*

  3. Y myssed thys conversatyon. Yt looks rather medyaeval and fun. Y don’t fynd yt hard at all…

  4. i don’t know what it is..but everytime i see ‘vampyre’ i want to stake them…..then bring them back…and stake them again.

  5. LOL! I miss the channel -- wish I had more time to IRC!

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