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Boskone (Sunday and Monday)

Wrapping up the weekend, there was music, food, more music, yet more music, good conversation, good snuggles, and all around a great time.

I awoke on Sunday morning wondering what exactly had run over me the night before. Then I remembered going to bed at 4:30am and the fact that it was at best 9am now. When I was 23, I could do that without problems, but time and tide melt the snowman. Grumbling, I got up and took a shower and then helped kitanzi pack up.

Given that it was still only a bit before 10 and we didn’t have to checkout of the hotel until noon, we decided to go and get some breakfast, and wandered back over to Thorton’s Diner for breakfast. The cantaloupe wasn’t quite as good this time as last, but overall it was still a very tasty and relatively inexpensive breakfast. We’ll definitely be remembering them the next time we’re up in the same area.

Feeling much better for having been fed, we went back to the hotel, gathered our things and checked out, then wandered over to the Sheraton to meet up with tigerbright, who was leading the children’s filk along with Lady Bear. kitanzi tried at one point to sing the Vacuum Cleaner Song, but couldn’t get her voice above the kids who were momentarily being rambunctious. I had an easier time of it, since my 12 string cuts through a lot of noise, but I don’t have all that much kids stuff in my book. I ended up playing “Operation Desert Storm” and “This Island Earth”, and singing along to the various fare that Tlily and LB were singing. We had a good time, regardless.

Once a magician came in to entertain the kidlings, we met up with teddywolf and schlepped our luggage to the car, where it could be safely stowed until time to go home. We then set off on the walk through various malls and windy streets to Fire & Ice, the restaurant where tigerbright and planned her birthday foo. While my coat was rather sufficient to keep warm, I had nothing for my head, so I was greatful to be loaned a rather colourful (but warm) hat, which Tlily tells me was a gift to her from nrivkis. My ears were very grateful.

We arrived and found two of the party waiting, with three yet to come. This is the point where I will be a horrible correspondent and forget the two lovely young ladies that I was introduced to (well, their names, anyway. I don’t forget actual pretty girls, which these two were). We were later joined by browngirl and bikergeek, and later still by pickledginger. It was nice to finally meet WD after all this time, and we all had a good time talking and getting food and talking some more and getting more food and talking and hugging and talking and generally having a good time.

Eventually we’d both run out of room for more food and a bit of tolerance for the noise level, so we departed and headed back over to the convention, where the dead dog was in full swing. I was pretty tired at this point, so I ended up spending a fair amount of the time lying on the floor with my head in kitanzi‘s lap, but I did manage to borrow filker0‘s guitar a few times to sing songs that I didn’t need my books for. (“Dungeonville”, “Two of Dave”, and “Keep You Closer”, I recall off the top of my head). We spent a good couple of hours in the room, and then reluctantly took our leave to head over to Mystery House. Before we went, drsnark asked if he could come by, as he hadn’t had a chance to spend as much time with us as he’d have liked. I thought that was wonderfully sweet of him, and after checking with TLily and Twolf, told him to come by.

Due to the fact that our luggage was filling up the backseat of the car, tigerbright and I took the T home while teddywolf and kitanzi drove. This allowed them a chance to swing by the grocery store, and allowed me and TLily some time to cuddle and chat while Boston’s fine transit system whisked us home. We actually got home slightly ahead of Twolf and Kit, so I spent some time chatting with browngirl while Tlily checked her e-mail and skimmed over Livejournal. Eventually, both Twolf, Kit, and DrSnark arrived. Twolf busied himself in the kitchen, while DrSnark and I pulled out guitars and started singing “a litany of depressing, cynical anti-love songs”. (He started it). At one point, Browngirl asked if that was all we were going to play. “Why?” I asked. “Well, I *could* just preemptively collapse on the floor and start bawling now.” “Cool!” I said brightly, causing her to collapse in hysterical laughter. We did manage to play some non depressing stuff in there too, and it was nice to sit and trade material with Snark. We share a lot of musical tastes, and a lot of what we both want to play doesn’t always “fit” in a standard filk circle. (Not that I’ve *ever* let that stop me).

At some point, a wonderful repast of chicken was served, along with a roasted red pepper soup and a side dish of green beans. Twolf makes a big deal about his cooking prowess, but honestly, it ain’t bragging if you actually got the chops. Once fed, we went back to singing, with Twolf tossing in a few songs of his own to the mix. Around about 11, everyone was finally running out of energy, so we bid a fond farewell to DrSnark and prepared for bed.

Right about the time that everyone was packing up from the singing, I got slipped a note, informing me that kitanzi and teddywolf had agreed to take the sofa bed in order to allow tigerbright and myself a chance to have an evening of alone time. Since one of the reason we picked Boskone as a con was so that I could spend some quality time with her, it was an amazingly sweet gesture from the two of them.

At some point, everyone slept, and we all woke up the next morning. And at some point after waking up, we emerged to investigate such things as breakfast, which ended up being very good oatmeal, served to me in bed while I borrowed Tlily’s computer to catch up on Livejournal. (Hey, I hadn’t been online since FRIDAY! You have no idea what kind of withdrawal that is!), and we all hung out around the computer and talked and laughed and had a grand time. Eventually, we moved out to the dining room, the better to play a game of Munchkin with browngirl and teddywolf before we had to get our stuff loaded in the car and head to the airport.

We got through security in easy time, and settled down by the gate to wait for our flight. Which was delayed. By eventually nearly an hour and a half. This made me slightly grumpy, but I’d had way too good a weekend at this point to let it put me in a bad mood. kitanzi and I amused ourselves by reading to each other out of our books. (I had the sex etiquette book, and she had the Dan Savage “Savage Love” collection. Goodness knows what the other folks waiting at the gate must have though of us. :))

We finally got in the air, and landed, and got our luggage and met up with telynor and drove up to Alpharetta where we got dinner at the IHOP and then finally got home where we collapses into bed.

And that’s what I call a FULL weekend. I had an absolutely wonderful time. And the convention wasn’t bad either. 🙂


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