Well, so far I haven’t done a very good job of keeping up with my unofficial and unannounced pledge to post actual me-content more often. As I said way back when I started this journal, I don’t tend to like talking about myself very much. But since you’re obviously reading this hoping for SOME kind of content, I suppose I should endeavor to supply you with it. 🙂

Gafilk was tremendous fun. There were too many highlights to really mention, but I will say that unclechristo was as amazing as always, and it was wonderful to get him to a con over here, callylevy was sweet and amazing and talented and everything we expected from her, quadrivium did a superb job of toastmistressing (holding herself to a much higher standard than we were, really, poor dear), and Rand and Adam were, well, Rand and Adam. Then there was Howie. Wow. He was still feeling a bit under it all, which, all things considered, was still pretty good shape to be in. But no matter what state his body was in, his verve and personality and wit were as strong as everything I’d ever heard and more.

We had more people at this convention than ever before, and while it was exhilarating to be around all those wonderfully talented people, I spent far too much time running around being frantic to really absorb it.

On the other hand, it was a weekend filled with personal interaction with friends and loves, and that’s what a con is for. Some of it was, of course, absolutely none of your business, other than to note that it was nice to finally put some theories into practice. (*snuggles someone very snuggly* 🙂

Normally, I couldn’t pick a *highlight* of the con, but this once, I can. The banquet was un-freaking-believable. First, there was the incredible band, with Jodi (musesmuse) on vocals and backed by the “Gafilk House Band” (Mary, Dave (surrdave), Brian (siliconchef), and Blaise). This would have been cool enough, but there was a dance floor, and we took great advantage of it. I got to dance with kitanzi, alymid (twice), mokatiki, and plaid_dragon. What a wonderful time. Thanks to all of those lovely ladies for a wonderful evening.

I did get to play a little bit at the dead dog, but we went home at a reasonable hour, because kitanzi had to get up and work the next morning. And that’s as much of a Gafilk report as you get this year.